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Do you think Online Narrative-Driven games are an oxymoron? You are not alone. The best online games are for the most part devoid of narrative. Those few games that have tried to implement narrative did it in such a way that it, unfortunately, devolved into a pay-to-play scenario. Often, creating anti-consumer approaches for DLC, gamers were forced to pay more to see the stories in their games evolve. The traditional narrative King is Dead in the online space.

With Deadhaus Sonata we are not going to try to put a square peg in a round hole when it comes to narrative. To tell stories in the online space, one needs to take a cloud-first approach. We need to change the way we think when creating a story, offering new opportunities and experiences to give gamers:

  • Persistent Worlds – Living and breathing worlds constantly evolving
  • Emergent Story Telling – Allowing players to enjoy and affect the persistent world
  • Procedural Generation – Allowing for a vast amount of variety and customization from emergent inputs and persistence
  • Deep Social Media Integration – Allowing the meta-gaming experience to affect the narrative

Name a town, discover a long-forgotten ruin, craft epic weapons for others to find ages later. Cloud-First thinking is the new King of Narrative.

Long Live the King!


Deadhaus Sonata™ is a grim fantasy ARPG where only the darkest beings can save the world from the rot and decay of a millennium of human malfeasance. Deadhaus Sonata™ will continue the traditional narrative-driven stories seen in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain®, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem®, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes® and Too Human®. Inspired by master writers such as Steven Erikson, Thomas Ligotti, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Action Role Playing Game (ARPG)

Deadhaus Sonata™ is a third-person dungeon crawler with horde mechanics where you play the undead fighting the living. An unstoppable force from Deadhaus, you are a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale. Launch enemies in the air and eviscerate them with elegant dance macabre. Deadhaus Sonata incorporates a system of endless loot: you can collect unlimited amounts of distinct and unique weapons, armour, and artifacts. You customize your character in a broad variety of different ways: the items and skills you use, the appearance of your character, and how your character fits into the complex political system of the world. You make choices that have a lasting, maybe even permanent, affect on your character, and potentially on the world at large.


Apocalypse embraces the free-to-play model because of its accessibility. This allows you to try the game and opt-in to paying for things only if you desire. This high level of accessibility increases the player base, grows our community, and helps scale all the other elements of the game. Apocalypse is dedicated to providing a gameplay experience that is fair to all players, paying and non-paying — emphasizing ethical monetary practices and not Pay-To-Win.

Deep Social Media Integration

The “Medium is the Message” and the medium has changed. The video game industry has evolved from Singleplayer Games -> Multiplayer Games -> Metaplayer Games.

With Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Denis created a narrative-driven Singleplayer experience where gamers would sit in front of their televisions and take in a breathtaking experience of the gothic Nosgoth.

Today, the world of video games is dominated by multiplayer area games such as League of Legends and Fortnite. Multiplayer games are dominant as 90% of all global gaming revenue is based on Free-To-Play games. More people will watch a League of Legends tournament than the Superbowl, illustrating the massive tidal shift in the medium.

Imagine where they could participate and change the experience of the gamers if we could give agency to the millions of people watching these games. We would be changing the way people experience games, taking them back to the early Greek plays, where the audience would decide if characters would live or die within the onstage drama. Allowing people to play games over streaming platforms, without even having the game installed! This is the era of Metaplayer games. We are happy to say that Meta-Player games are here and we are looking forward to ushering these groundbreaking experiences with Deadhaus Sonata.

Come and See

Community-Driven Game Design

Engaging the community to contribute to the game design is a critical factor for success in the online gaming world.  The best games are made with gamers, and the best champions for the game are those people who contribute to it. There is a win-win relationship to be had here, and if done correctly we have a chance to change the way people think about how they can participate in games.

Asymmetrical Game Design

Every class in Deadhaus Sonata™ plays very differently, with each having a unique underlying combat system that separates it from the rest. The gameplay for each class is distinct, stylistically, rhythmically, and kinetically.

Multiplayer Co-Op

Deadhaus Sonata™ is built from the ground up to support 1-6 players co-op multiplayer and semi-persistent worlds, or portals, where you can play together with your friends. Looking only for narrative and a single-player experience? Never fear, you will always be able to experience Deadhaus Sonata from a single-player experience and co-op will never be forced upon players.

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Gothic/Lovecraftian? I’m there.


Thane - MMORPG.com

They had me at 6 player co-op


Andrew Nosgothian: Legacy of Kain Fans Facebook Group

This is kind of huge, actually. The creator of Blood Omen making a new gothic, Lovecraft-influenced action rpg where you play as some kind of undead character. ????

Remo Williams - Reset Era

Nice! As a huge Too Human fan, I can’t wait to see what this looks and plays like.


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I’ll definitely be checking this out. Eternal Darkness is an all time favourite of mine.


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Wow! This looks FANTASTIC so far!! I can’t wait to see more updates!!


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T. Shanahan - Twitter

I’m loving what I’m seeing and I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Great job team!

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