Ontario, Canada (October 3, 2019) – Moon Collider and Apocalypse Studios are pleased to be able to break the silence on our partnership on the Apocalypse production: Deadhaus Sonata.

Founded by Denis Dyack, an industry veteran known for his Lovecraftian gothic fantasy RPGs including Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Apocalypse is a new studio based in Niagara.

Deadhaus Sonata is a free-to-play Action RPG and promises to be a spiritual successor to Denis’ previous works. Contrary to the usual approach of a noble hero defending against mindless hordes, one to six players take on the role of the undead, wreaking destruction and feeding on the warm-blooded masses in the dark fantasy setting of Nogosaua.

Apocalypse hopes to change the way people play games. “Immersive experiences in video games rely upon realistic behaviors of opponents,’’ said Denis Dyack, CEO of Apocalypse. “Kythera AI provides excellent ability in creating the immersive experience that gamers will expect with the next generation of online games.”

Deadhaus Sonata is being developed using Amazon’s Lumberyard engine, further cementing Kythera’s reputation as the go-to AI solution for this emerging toolset. In particular, the game will make use of Kythera’s tools for group tactics including its most recently developed feature: formations. This means large numbers of characters can be kept in tightly ordered ranks, operating as a single formation while navigating around a complex world, easily broken down to smaller groups or individuals, or reformed into new arrangements. The game also makes heavy use of procedural generation, for which Kythera’s dynamic navigation mesh feature will be invaluable. “We’re particularly excited to be collaborating with Denis, as an innovator and industry veteran. His expertise in RPG worldbuilding and his love of gothic style and diverse mythologies create a unique vision for this title,” said Matthew Jack, CEO of Moon Collider. “With Kythera, Deadhaus Sonata has access to the very best AI tools available, enabling him to fully realize his signature creations with new levels of immersion and texture.”

As usual, Moon Collider will be keeping in close contact with the Apocalypse team supporting them in building a contemporary classic, as we continue to develop Kythera as the top video game AI solution on the market.

About Moon Collider

We enable game studios to deliver unique and compelling AI. Through Kythera’s broad feature-set and our team of experts, we can ensure your vision for AI becomes reality. Our Kythera AI middleware provides a flexible, scalable framework and the widest set of features including character and 3D vehicle navigation, behavior authoring and rich debugging tools. Enjoyed by players since 2014, it has become the most advanced tech for video game AI on the market. Integrations are available for Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine and Lumberyard, on all major platforms. Learn more at http://kythera.ai/

About Apocalypse Studios Inc.

Founded in 2018 by Denis Dyack, Apocalypse Studios Inc (“Apocalypse”) focuses exclusively on Free To Play online multiplayer games with a “Games as a Service” approach, focusing on the production of their first game, Deadhaus Sonata . Apocalypse believes in Community Driven Game Design and working with the community, directly involving them in the game design process to make games the best they can be. Learn more at DeadhausSonata.com

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