Is Deadhaus Sonata a single player game?

Yes, you will always be able to play the game in a single-player mode.

Will Deadhaus Sonata be pay-to-win?

No, absolutely not. We will be taking a completely ethical and transparent model for our monetization and will look toward golden standards of ethical monetization. You will never have to spend real money to progress in Deadhaus or to compete with other players.

When will Deadhaus Sonata be released?

Deadhaus Sonata is a very ambitious project still very early in development and will not be at a 1.0 stage for some time. The game will be playable in the First Age well before we hit 1.0.  Please consider supporting us during the development and help make the game the best it can be. The current estimate for release is 2022.

You can see more about Ages here: Introducing Ages

What kind of game is Deadhaus Sonata?

Deadhaus Sonata is a narrative-driven, instance-based action RPG where you play the Undead fighting the living. You will become an unstoppable force from Deadhaus, a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale by executing quick combos and casting powerful spells. The Three Pillars of Deadhaus Sonata are:

  • Narrative-Driven Action Role Playing Game (ARPG)
  • Interactive Streaming
  • Community-Driven Design

We are combining elements of many of the past games from Denis Dyack’s career into Deadhaus Sonata. There are Lovecraftian overtones from Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, the Gothic role-playing elements of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, and finally, some of the action RPG elements of Too Human. Deadhaus Sonata combines fast action, loot-driven gameplay, deep Gothic lore and a Dark Mythology.

What is Interactive Streaming?

Denis believes the medium is the message and the message for video games has changed.  The gaming medium has shifted from:

Single Player -> Multiplayer -> Metaplayer Games

Deadhaus Sonata is built from the ground up to take advantage of the new medium. Here is Denis’ GDC 2020 talk on the subject – check it out! The Revolutionary Future of Games: Interactive Streaming

What platforms will Deadhaus Sonata be on?

Leading on PC and coming to all major platforms, including consoles: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Is Deadhaus Sonata on the Steam Store?

Yes! Click here to add us to your wishlist on Steam! Supporter packs for Steam are coming soon!

Cloud First Gaming - Online Narrative-Driven

Do you think Online Narrative-Driven games are an oxymoron? You are not alone. The best online games are for the most part devoid of narrative. Those few games that have tried to implement narrative did it in such a way that it, unfortunately, devolved into a pay-to-play scenario. Often, creating anti-consumer approaches for DLC, gamers were forced to pay more to see the stories in their games evolve. The traditional narrative King is Dead in the online space.

With Deadhaus Sonata we are not going to try to put a square peg in a round hole when it comes to narrative. To tell stories in the online space, one needs to take a cloud-first approach. We need to change the way we think when creating a story, offering new opportunities and experiences to give gamers:

  • Persistent Worlds – Living and breathing worlds constantly evolving
  • Emergent Story Telling – Allowing players to enjoy and affect the persistent world
  • Procedural Generation – Allowing for a vast amount of variety and customization from emergent inputs and persistence
  • Deep Social Media Integration – Allowing the meta-gaming experience to affect the narrative

Name a town, discover a long-forgotten ruin, craft epic weapons for others to find ages later. Cloud-First thinking is the new King of Narrative.

Long Live the King!

Will Deadhaus Sonata be exclusive on the Epic Store?


Do I always have have a connection or login?

Yes. Although we allow you to play Deadhaus Sonata in single-player mode, you will always have to be logged in as the world is persistent and constantly changing. This will allow us to create an emergent narrative that is player-driven and an experience you will not want to miss.

What are the minimum system requirements for PC?

At this stage, we don’t know. However, we strive to make Deadhaus available to as many people as possible, and part of this is to make sure it runs on as many computers as possible.

Will Deadhaus Sonata have PvP?

Yes, Deadhaus Sonata is built with PvP in mind and will be rolled out once we feel that the game itself is ready. PvP is currently scheduled for 1 year after launch.

Once Founder packs are gone will they be available for purchase later?

No, once they are gone, they are gone for good.

How do you pronounce Deadhaus?

Dead House – Haus is the German word for house.

Will Deadhaus Sonata be available in languages other than English?

Yes, so far we plan to have translations to the following languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

If you would like to see Deadhaus Sonata available in a language not listed here, please contact us and let us know.

What kind of technology do you use to develop Deadhaus Sonata?

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is an Apache 2.0-licensed multi-platform 3D engine that enables developers and content creators to build AAA games, cinema-quality 3D worlds, and high-fidelity simulations without any fees or commercial obligations.

Do you have a press kit?

Yes, click the button below to download the latest Press Kit.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can find our Affiliate Program here.

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