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    Anyone hear of V Rising?

    After playing the closed beta it was a major letdown. 😞
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    What are currently playing?

    For my Sins's lately I have been hooked on Century: Age of Ashes. Been trying other stuff while waiting for Elden Ring but there has been something great about the gameplay loop with it that keeps drawing me back in.
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    Making of the O3DE Tech Demo

    Making of the O3DE tech Demo Video is now live. Demo coming Soon.....
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    Vampire - Deadhaus Alliance?

    Who says the Deity is from other plane? What which Deity is from this plane? If this were the case, Was there no death before? There is so much more to it but many do not see the wood for the trees. Like Varik suggests, there is more within those words than some have read. There are far worse...
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    A world expanding idea - Runesmithing - a subclass for the blacksmithing profession

    I really like the idea, having more to delve into for crafting that also ties in the lore is always a good thing
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    Vampire - Deadhaus Alliance?

    I'm sure that's going to be a very interesting story.
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    Supporters Packs Q&A with Denis from August 4th 2021 Livestream

    Greetings everyone, This post is for a quick reference and for anyone who wished to check in or give feedback regarding the Q&A session Denis had on the livestream from 4th of August 2021 with community submitted questions regarding the new supporters packs that have recently gone live on the...
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    Anyone hear of V Rising?

    Seen this when it was announced, keeping an eye on it but the more I hear about it the less interesting it gets. It's more like it's mocking people into the darker side of things, especially with putting Dracula as a title... Pity cause it promised a big game. I noticed a few from here in...
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    The "living" world

    Don't just take my word, feel free to ask @noir who is a native Transilvanian herself.
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    The "living" world

    The world of Malorum will be as strange and varied as all the creatures whom dwell there. As for Hoia Baciu, I doubt it serves as a good example. It is merely a urban legend that the forest has had strange sightings in it, disappearances and that the trees are naturally weird looking. As...
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    [New World] Pack suggestions

    still surprised a "Will-o'-the-wisp" familiar / pet has not been suggested yet....
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    World Anvil Articles For Curation

    just submitted my piece. The Inquisitor.
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    Help us name a Tarot Card!

    Oh that one will have to be saved for something special.
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    Monetization Ideas

    I agree with the Warframe idea and example, there would need to be something like character slots or something also but not sure it would work with the weapons. Worst thing would be finding a sword or something in a mission as a rare drop and then not being able to pick it up because you did...
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    Monetization Ideas

    Hi everyone, since it has been talked about a bit, I was going to throw out there a few ideas for Monetization. There are just a few thoughts I have had so feel free to add your own also. Ideas for Monetization concepts: Players will usually fall into four categories. Player Categories: New...