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    Tech Demo Feature Suggestion Box

    Full Disclosure: I haven't played the demo (watched it on youtube) but its not for lack of trying, maybe my hardware isn't enough (1050 ti) and I never even heard of github before this. That being said I'd like to throw in my two cents over having a targeting system or not, perhaps a middle...
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    Suggestion For The Death States

    I was hoping some things weren't set in stone yet but message received, no biggie ✌
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    Suggestion For The Death States

    Liche's have physical bodies and humans are capable of magic otherwise how would do they become liches. All the classes have some measure of the essential, magickal, and physical. Currently only essential and physical are required for life while magick is something separate. I'm working on a way...
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    Suggestion For The Death States

    Hmm, I'd have to know what the other points are like you said but it only needs to work with deadhaus. The main point is finding ways to incorporate and require each point of a class's trinary in their creation. Also, has antimatter been considered for aqua?
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    The Octahedron, it's colors, and some speculations on their meanings

    Funny thing about magenta is that it technically doesn't exist, doesn't have a wavelength on the light spectrum and our brains just fill it in. Also not sure if anyone else is a Nick Cage fan but magenta was chosen to be the color for the adaptation of Lovecraft's Color Out Of Space. Edited...
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    Suggestion For The Death States

    Its probably too far along for this but here goes. I've been rereading the states of deaths and would like to offer a different arrangement between them. From what I understand magick is an external energy to control with no real connection to the physical and essential when it comes to being...
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    [Suggestion] Liche Spell Casting System

    When it comes to distinguishing magick from essence I've always thought of it like comparing electricity to gravity. Essence manifests around and within physical structures, holding the souls to their vessels like gravity holds us to the ground. The body is the physical element or presence in...
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    How open should the Tech Demo (Battle Arena) be?

    Family First as they always say. Sure they might not have put any money down but if they took the time to join the forums or discord then they have given Deadhaus more than a passing glance.
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    Friend Affinity

    Thats pretty neat, like establishing a party and there is a level up that occurs alongside your own with increased benefits as a result. The bigger the party the faster you level it up, with a party limit so we don't have armies walking around and occupying whole areas to farm. Perhaps there...
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    Existence Beyond Death

    I've mentioned it in some of the fan-lit I've posted lately (lessons in necromancy, by thorn) but I am curious about what the hereafter in Deadhaus actually is. Its not like we can say its a mystery since some of the classes come back from death and one even originates from there. *So what is...
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    Lessons in Necromancy, By Thorn

    "There are numerous realms that the dead call home and the creation of a phylactery will require a connection to one of them. As you advance you will have the opportunity to create more phylacteries and potentially align each of them to a different one. It should be a goal of all liches to...
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    Lessons in Necromancy, By Thorn

    "The phylactery, the final steps in your ascension to lichdom and proof of your mastery over essence. As stated before, essence is the energy that binds our souls to the flesh. Without it the soul is no longer bound and, as a result, no longer secured to the physical world as it is quickly...
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    Lessons in Necromancy, By Thorn

    "To learn necromancy you must first understand essence. What is essence? It is the energy of life itself, the power that binds the body and soul. If any thing of the living or undead was to lose all of its essence then that binding would dissolve, releasing the soul and killing the body. The...
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    The Evolution of Magick

    I'm not sure about combining spells through a specific card in the hand you are carrying, but I would like spells to be able to play off of each other as I think that could result in some satisfying moments of skilled game play. For example, casting a barrier around an area that you just...
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    Community Choice: Demo Arena Name