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    FAQ and Press Kit Launched

    The Revenant looks so badass! The environments are great too, love the art style of the game. And thanks for the FAQs, all I wanted to know, at least for now, it's in there.
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    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    My favorites are the first entries of each series: Blood Omen and Soul Reaver. Blood Omen was quite dark and complex for its time and so was its main character, many find him to be less relatable compared to Raziel but I think that's mainly because Raziel seems to be written precisely to be more...
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    Deadhaus Sonata: Welcome Package

    I know it must be tough to describe the game to the players this early in the development so thanks for taking the time to do it.
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    What are currently playing?

    I've been playing Neverwinter for a good while now and occasionally when my Internet is down I play Layers of Fear and I'm also trying to finish A Wonder, but that game kinda creeps me out even though it's not a big deal, so I play it bit by bit and very slowly.
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    Character Creation Extravaganza!

    Not necessarily, customizing a character's appearance with better armor or parts in the case of cars and other machine types is already a thing in video games. Customizing an undead character with new limbs, full bodies, etc. is basically the same concept. And once the game is released this can...
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    Character Creation Extravaganza!

    The first thing that comes to my mind after reading this are the bizarre creatures in medieval illustrations. Not sure if that's in line with the things the devs are looking for but there's plenty of material there to inspire some really crazy designs. As for character creation, personally I...
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    What kind of content can we expect from the channel from now on?

    Good. What I like about your channel is not only your content but your friendly and easygoing attitude so as long as you keep it like that it's gonna be fine (y)
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    What kind of content can we expect from the channel from now on?

    Hi, I've been following you on Youtube since you started the Quantum Tunnel and I want to know if the rebranding also means the type of content you'll upload from now on will also change. Will you continue with the kind of videos you uploaded until now (talking about your older games, the gaming...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Yeah, that'll be awesome
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Another way of going about this wizard class for Deadhaus Sonata would be some sort of unholy priest/cult leader that makes a pact with an ancient god, becoming its herald in exchange of the power and wisdom of ages. So the guy/gal would basically go around unleashing psychological and physical...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Can I ask a wizard class? An arcane magic user that can either become a summoner to raise and command an army of minions or an articifer to create various types of golems depending on what the player is aiming at; power, defense, balance. And please if you decide on a wizard class don't make...
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    DHS Coverage

    Here's a few Gamekult (French) Vandal (Spanish) Gamemag...
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    DHS Coverage

    Good idea, on a quick search I saw articles in several languages too. Looks like it's getting good coverage so far.
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    Blood Omen Legacy of Kain Review: Oct 31 - 2018

    I wish Blood Omen could be on Steam, so many of my old games I can't play anymore. Then again some old games that are on Steam I can't play anyway, I got Arcanum not long ago, it's a headache to get it started on Windows 10 because they sell you the game as is and you have to do all the patching...
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    Ask Away!

    Thanks for the quick reply