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Affiliate Program Launch!
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Support Deadhaus Sonata!

As you guys all know, getting people to come and take a look at a video game is almost as much work as developing the entire game. They are incredibly important steps, since it doesn't matter how good your game is if no one's ever heard about it on release. And while Scott works tirelessly on social media to make our name known, there is an incredibly useful form of advertising he can't access directly: Word of mouth. By simply having a friend tell you about their positive experience with a game, you are more likely to purchase it.

That's why we've created an affiliate program for Apocalypse studios! Using Xsolla, you can join our partner program by clicking on this link to help us grow our audience. By joining this program, you'll be given a unique Xsolla link that will take your friends directly to our store page. If that friend happens to purchase a Founder's pack while they're using your link...
Watch Today's Live stream and Win a RISEN Founders Pack!
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Happy Friday! Missed your chance to win a Risen founders pack during our last contest? No problem! Tune into today's Eternal Darkness stream with special guest @DistortionDevil and be entered to win a free RISEN founders pack!
Memento Mori Contest Winners and Answers
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That's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who entered into our Memento Mori contest! Have a look at our latest video for contest answers and our winners!
Deadhaus Sonata Wallpapers
More Contest Hints!
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Hi Everyone!

We have some more contest hints for you!

The homages come from the following titles: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, Too Human, Too Human: Rise of the Giants

Remember, the first 10 people to find all 5 homages and email us at will win a free RISEN (or upgraded) founders pack!

Fight The Living and good luck everyone!!