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Vampire's Bloodlust Chant
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By popular request!

Name the Vampire POLL!
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Members of the Haus,
The Herald has chosen your suggestions for the newest member of the Vampire Brood to join the Ranks of Deadhaus.
Now it is up to YOU to decide.
On June 28th the Speakers of the Haus will close the Poll and a name shall be decided.
Apocalypse Studios defines a new approach to narrative in Deadhaus Sonata
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The creators of Eternal Darkness are on a mission to bring single-player storytelling to the multiplayer genre with their upcoming ARPG, embracing a future in the cloud.

Deadhaus Sonata is still early in development, with a public alpha they’re calling “the First Age” coming later in 2022. Knowing that it’s easiest to find the right tools before kicking off work, Apocalypse chose to experiment sooner than later, testing a wide variety of engines and development software to create their game. The team tried both Lumberyard and Open3D but essentially decided that Unity offered the most established toolset to help them scale rapidly.
Blood Bath Demo Access
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If you have this badge:


You will need to sign an NDA and then you will be receiving a steam key soon to get access to the Blood Bath Demo. You will also get access to the Blood Bath secret section of the forums.

We will start to roll out this process shortly. For now, there is nothing for you to do but wait. :)

If you want this badge, we will start to give them away in the LIVE STREAMS this Wednesday. You will need to be a Founder or Supporter of the game to qualify. Don't miss it!
Thanks for Playing Interview
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Check out this interview Denis was a part of! Links below;

Apocalypse Studios raises seed funding from Tyr for Deadhaus Sonata game
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Denis Dyack‘s Apocalypse Studios has raised a round of seed funding from Tyr Ventures for its Deadhaus Sonata game.

Dyack said the company is beginning production for Deadhaus Sonata, which is a narrative-driven action role-playing game built for the cloud from the ground up.