Game Design

Subject matter dealing with the mechanics of the game.
New Streaming Schedule!
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Same day, same time, new lineup! Our new stream schedule is live. 📣 Tune in via your favourite platform and catch up with us every Wednesday at 4 pm ET :cool:
Apocalypse Studios Announces Open 3D Engine
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“Apocalypse has been an excellent development partner, as Deadhaus Sonata is a breathtakingly beautiful game that highlights the potential of the Open 3D Engine.", said Royal O’Brien, O3DE Project Lead.

Apocalypse Studios Selects Tafi's Character Creator SDK for Meta-Gaming
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Hot off the press everyone!

New Writing Sub-Forum Announcement!
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Last World Anvil stream, there was talk of setting up a specific section of the forums dedicated to writing. We are excited to announce that we have created this section now, and opened it up to the public. This section will be held to both the general rules and the World Anvil Submissions guidelines for the written pieces. This is however an area where work in process pieces will be common and feedback also has a place here.
All of the classes have been revealed and it's time to have a discussion!
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Don't miss our next live stream on Wednesday discussing all the of classes now that they have been revealed!
Wight Reveal Stream!