Game Design

Subject matter dealing with the mechanics of the game.
Memento Mori - A Narrative Feature
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Many people have asked us to show the narrative direction of Deadhaus Sonata. Here is an example of where we plan to take the narrative. 100% in-game, enjoy!
Deadhaus Sonata Q&A – Denis Dyack’s Quest to Bring Narrative to the Online Space Through Genvid’s Interactive Streaming and the Power of the Cloud
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Banshee - Lore Sources & Facts
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In an attempt at finding meaningful lore to use for inspiration when making suggestions, I have looked for lore deep in the history of the classes in Deadhaus. I decided to focus, first, on the Banshee. In my search, I've encountered many interesting stories and found various parallels between them.
The Trinary Systems
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Gameplay: Death systems for the Undead?

The death system in Deadhaus Sonata™ was designed to be consistent and philosophically aligned with occult literature.

One cannot simply kill a spirit without going through the proper rituals of exorcising that spirit. Examples of this philosophy can be seen in excellent shows like Supernatural, where the remains of a ghost need to be burned or destroyed to completely remove the entity from the realm of the living, or in Dungeons and Dragons, where the phylactery of a Liche needs to be destroyed before it can truly be put to rest, and echoed throughout occult literature.

A long tradition of necromancy (the magick for raising and communicating with the dead) posits that death and life are not binary states, but rather a smooth and permeable continuum along which many beings can wander.

A recent revival of interest in the magick of St. Cyprian, patron Saint of Necromancers, as well as a long-standing...
Almanac of the Necrolibriatas
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Discover lunar cycles and time of year within the world of Deadhaus. Deadhaus Sonata simulates a complete solar system to get full yearly seasons, different and accurate moon and day cycles, weather effects and much more. Check it out!