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New Writing Sub-Forum Announcement!
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Last World Anvil stream, there was talk of setting up a specific section of the forums dedicated to writing. We are excited to announce that we have created this section now, and opened it up to the public. This section will be held to both the general rules and the World Anvil Submissions guidelines for the written pieces. This is however an area where work in process pieces will be common and feedback also has a place here.
All of the classes have been revealed and it's time to have a discussion!
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Don't miss our next live stream on Wednesday discussing all the of classes now that they have been revealed!
Wight Reveal Stream!
Choose the look of the Legionnaires and VOTE NOW!
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Legionnaires are the backbone of the Thacean military. Professional soldiers, well trained and equipped, these fighting men are humanity's first line of defense in the war against Deadhaus. Though their numbers have plummeted over the years, there are still enough active duty legionnaires to mount strategic maneuvers on multiple fronts. Alone, a legionnaire is a skilled swordsman who will give his life for Thacea without hesitation, but in formation they are a wall of shields, bristling with spears.

In Deadhaus Sonata we believe in involving the community. The Thacean Empire is one of the few remaining human empires on Malorum. We are giving YOU the choice of what they will look like. Please let us know what is your favorite look. Choose wisely!

Ghoul Reveal!
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Check out the Ghoul Reveal here:




Be a guest on our reveal stream on the 30th!
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We are looking for members of the Deadhaus Sonata community to join us on our reveal stream on September 30th at 4 pm EDT. If all goes well it should be a simulcast on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

You will be featured as a guest with full video and interaction during the stream. This is not a stream to be shy! :)

  1. Be able to be on camera for the duration of the stream (No avatars)!
  2. Post a reason why you would like to be on the stream!
Please post here if you would like to join!