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As you guys all know, getting people to come and take a look at a video game is almost as much work as developing the entire game. They are incredibly important steps, since it doesn't matter how good your game is if no one's ever heard about it on release. And while Scott works tirelessly on social media to make our name known, there is an incredibly useful form of advertising he can't access directly: Word of mouth. By simply having a friend tell you about their positive experience with a game, you are more likely to purchase it.

That's why we've created an affiliate program for Apocalypse studios! Using Xsolla, you can join our partner program by clicking on this link to help us grow our audience. By joining this program, you'll be given a unique Xsolla link that will take your friends directly to our store page. If that friend happens to purchase a Founder's pack while they're using your link...
The Revolutionary Future of Games: Interactive Streaming
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In Partnership with Genvid Technologies Inc

In the classical era of entertainment, Greek plays took place in amphitheatres, which allowed the audience to interact with actors. In that open-air venue, those being entertained were given a say in what they watched. Indeed, the audience could decide whether a character would live or die with the classic “Thumbs up or Thumbs Down.” This type of agency for the audience was limited to being in person, until now.

Today, more people watch an e-sport championship game via Twitch than they do the Superbowl, changing the medium of video games as we know it. Streaming technology has rapidly transformed the way we consume content, and the industry is still catching up as developers, publishers and platforms try to understand this new paradigm.

Imagine, giving millions of Twitch viewers agency over the games they are watching, transforming their role from passive observers to...
NEWS ROUNDUP: Genvid raises $6 million more from investors, unveils 5 games using its streaming tech
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"The game, being built on Amazon’s Lumberyard, lets spectators serve as a kind of virtual dungeon master, putting obstacles in the way of players. While players take on the roles of undead anti-heroes, livestream viewers can can trigger traps, spawn monsters, and otherwise affect gameplay via the stream."

Read more about how we're using Genvid Technologies streaming tech in Deadhaus Sonata.

Apocalypse Studios Partners with Lemon Sky Studios
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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario November 04, 2019

Apocalypse Studios is excited to announce a CoProduction agreement with Lemon Sky Studios, to create amazing visuals in the world of Deadhaus Sonata for gamers.

“Lemon Sky is second to none when to creating great visuals.”, said Denis Dyack, CEO of Apocalypse Studios Inc. “For the earliest days of development on Deadhaus Sonata, I knew that we would want to work with Lemon Sky to make Deadhaus Sonata visually breathtaking. We are now happy to announce that we have taken this one step further and have entered into a CoProduction Agreement with Lemon Sky to integrate our teams further for even better results for gamers.”

“Working with Denis and the Team at Apocalypse is inspiring, and Deadhaus Sonata is the perfect game for us to get deeply involved in the development process,” said Cheng-Fei Wong, CEO of Lemon Sky. “Not only will we be working on the visuals, but we will be working together to build our design and programming teams to...
Apocalypse Studios partners with Modulate
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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario (PRWEB)October 23, 2019

Apocalypse Studios is excited to announce their partnership with Modulate to use their voice-skinning technology, offering players a new way to immerse themselves into the world of Deadhaus Sonata.

“Modulate’s technology allows anyone to customize their voice as they chat with other players during gameplay,” said Mike Pappas, CEO of Modulate. “They will be able to match their sound to the unique characters of Deadhaus’s world or use those voices as a starting point to create something entirely new. Denis and the Apocalypse team are creating an incredibly rich experience for gamers to interact with – so we want to make sure those gamers can really step into the shoes of their characters and immerse themselves in this rich and chaotic world.”

By integrating Modulate into Deadhaus Sonata, Apocalypse Studios also gains access to a new tool for the content generation they’ve made central to their long-term plan.

“Modulate gives us an...