Dealing with Story and Narrative
Of Banshees - I Radio Play
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Don't miss the premiere on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.
Of Wraiths
Of Revenants - Part 1
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Of Revenants - Part 1 - Premiere of the 2nd Chronicles of the Grand Inquisitor!

Don't Miss It!

Of Vampires - Radio Play!
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We have much more than art reveals on the way!

Don't miss the first of many Radio Plays that is based upon the writings of Alaric von Beller, Grand Inquisitor of the Thacean Empire.

Don't miss the premiere on Oct 14, 2020, at 2 PM EDT on YouTube!

Be a guest on our reveal stream on the 30th!
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We are looking for members of the Deadhaus Sonata community to join us on our reveal stream on September 30th at 4 pm EDT. If all goes well it should be a simulcast on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

You will be featured as a guest with full video and interaction during the stream. This is not a stream to be shy! :)

  1. Be able to be on camera for the duration of the stream (No avatars)!
  2. Post a reason why you would like to be on the stream!
Please post here if you would like to join!
‘Deadhaus Sonata’ has ambition to create a ‘Dungeon & Dragons’ experience via streaming
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Hot off the press, where I discuss Deep Social Media Integration, Interactive Streaming and Community-Driven Content. Check it out!