Dealing with Story and Narrative
Memento Mori - A Narrative Feature
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Many people have asked us to show the narrative direction of Deadhaus Sonata. Here is an example of where we plan to take the narrative. 100% in-game, enjoy!
Deadhaus Sonata Q&A – Denis Dyack’s Quest to Bring Narrative to the Online Space Through Genvid’s Interactive Streaming and the Power of the Cloud
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Banshee - Lore Sources & Facts
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In an attempt at finding meaningful lore to use for inspiration when making suggestions, I have looked for lore deep in the history of the classes in Deadhaus. I decided to focus, first, on the Banshee. In my search, I've encountered many interesting stories and found various parallels between them.
Deadhaus Sonata: Narrative Influences
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Join our Narrative Designer Jack as we explore Narrative Influences for Deadhaus Sonata

Jack talks about movies that he and Denis are looking at for influences and why and a few minor nightmares.

Some of the movies discussed:

John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy
The Thing
Into The Mouth of Madness
Prince of Darkness
The Apostle
The Shrine
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Revolutionary Future of Games: Interactive Streaming
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In Partnership with Genvid Technologies Inc

In the classical era of entertainment, Greek plays took place in amphitheatres, which allowed the audience to interact with actors. In that open-air venue, those being entertained were given a say in what they watched. Indeed, the audience could decide whether a character would live or die with the classic “Thumbs up or Thumbs Down.” This type of agency for the audience was limited to being in person, until now.

Today, more people watch an e-sport championship game via Twitch than they do the Superbowl, changing the medium of video games as we know it. Streaming technology has rapidly transformed the way we consume content, and the industry is still catching up as developers, publishers and platforms try to understand this new paradigm.

Imagine, giving millions of Twitch viewers agency over the games they are watching, transforming their role from passive observers to...