Dealing with Story and Narrative
Occult Blade Reveal
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Occultists roam across Malorum in search of the knowledge that will deliver their people from the dead. They hide their faces beneath masks in deference to the truth itself, which is always hidden. Their Dowsing Blades are forged by spoken word, a ritual conceived from hidden runes retrieved from hidden realms. They cut not only flesh but the fabric that separates one world from another, letting the Occultist step between, both opening and lighting the way as blade, as key, as torch.

Deadhaus Sonata Overview
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Deadhaus Sonata is a narrative-driven action RPG where you play the undead fighting the living. In this video, founder and CEO Denis Dyack discusses the key points and features of the game and the latest technical updates.

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Discussion with Denis Dyack on Venture Games
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In Episode 31 of Venture Games, my guest Denis Dyack, CEO at Apocalypse Studios, discusses his 30-year career in gaming, including founding Silicon Knights in the 90s; working with gaming industry legends including Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto; and Apocalypse's upcoming narrative-driven Action RPG game, Deadhaus Sonata.
Of Alaric
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In this episode, entitled 'Of Alaric, ' we follow Alaric as he has a bad day.

Alaric - George Ledoux
Ghoul - Matthew Curtis

Of Nightmares
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Alaric - George Ledoux
The Burning One - Kit Harrison
The Fetid Prince - K. Beau Foster
Liche - George Ledoux

News Letter:
Dec 2022 Update - Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays Everyone!

A quick update to highlight was the team is working on as we wind down 2022.

For those who want more details, here is a live stream where we discuss in more detail:

TLDR Summary:
  1. New Controls & Visuals
  2. 1st Age is NOT launching in 2023
  3. New Concepts Released
  4. Announcement of the Noblesse Design Council

Finally, for those who want the latest images from the reveal - enjoy!

Jelrass - Outskirts

Jelrass -Outskirts.jpg

Hex Blade


Jelrass - Clock Tower

Jelrass -ClockTower 1920.jpeg

We look forward to working with everyone in 2023 to make Deadhaus Sonata the best it can be!

Happy New Year, Everyone!