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Vampire's Bloodlust Chant
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By popular request!

Apocalypse Studios defines a new approach to narrative in Deadhaus Sonata
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The creators of Eternal Darkness are on a mission to bring single-player storytelling to the multiplayer genre with their upcoming ARPG, embracing a future in the cloud.

Deadhaus Sonata is still early in development, with a public alpha they’re calling “the First Age” coming later in 2022. Knowing that it’s easiest to find the right tools before kicking off work, Apocalypse chose to experiment sooner than later, testing a wide variety of engines and development software to create their game. The team tried both Lumberyard and Open3D but essentially decided that Unity offered the most established toolset to help them scale rapidly.
Thanks for Playing Interview
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Check out this interview Denis was a part of! Links below;

See The Latest Build - Founders and Supports to Start getting Steam Keys
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In case you missed it! In this month's stream, we showed the latest build and discussed the Blood Lust mechanic.

We also mentioned that we will start allocating some steam keys to Founders and Supporters.
Making of the O3DE Tech Demo
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Making of the O3DE tech Demo Video is now live.
Demo coming Soon.....

Werebat & O3DE Tech Demo Area Reveal
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Check this out! :)

In case you missed it! Here is the stream for where Apocalypse revealed the 3D High Poly model for the Werebat and showed a sneak peek at the O3DE combat arena.





Edit: adding Flythrough: