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Making of the O3DE Tech Demo
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Making of the O3DE tech Demo Video is now live.
Demo coming Soon.....

Werebat & O3DE Tech Demo Area Reveal
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Check this out! :)

In case you missed it! Here is the stream for where Apocalypse revealed the 3D High Poly model for the Werebat and showed a sneak peek at the O3DE combat arena.





Edit: adding Flythrough:

New Streaming Schedule!
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Same day, same time, new lineup! Our new stream schedule is live. 📣 Tune in via your favourite platform and catch up with us every Wednesday at 4 pm ET :cool:
Apocalypse Studios Announces Open 3D Engine
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“Apocalypse has been an excellent development partner, as Deadhaus Sonata is a breathtakingly beautiful game that highlights the potential of the Open 3D Engine.", said Royal O’Brien, O3DE Project Lead.

In Game Legionnaire Model Reveal
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Yesterday we revealed the In-Game Model for the Legionnaire. Check out the Heavy Infantry for the Thecian Empire that was chosen by the community!




See the video reveal here:

In-Game Model Reveal! - Don't Miss This One!