Things to do with Deadhaus Sonata YouTube Channel
New Youtube Channel for Stream VoDs!
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Hey everyone!

A very quick announcement, we've moved all of our previously aired Twitch vods onto a separate Youtube channel to remove the clutter and make sure that channel is used for Deadhaus Sonata updates and related content. All of our future streams will also go onto there once they're done, so subscribe if you don't want to miss out!

You can find our new Youtube Channel here!
Changes to Deadhaus Streams
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Hey everyone!

This is an announcement to let you know that the Community Roundtable streams as you know them are no more. While we did really enjoy showing off your forum threads, ideas and memes about Deadhaus, we also need to remember that right now we're focused on growing our community. The more people we reach out to and bring into the world of Deadhaus the better, and the fact is the Community Roundtable streams were not our most popular content we have put out. We want to put out content that everybody will enjoy, both long-standing community members and newcomers who are just discovering Deadhaus. As such, we will not be streaming today (July 28th) as usual.

Over the past week or so we've been asking for your feedback on what we can do to make these streams better, and what kinds of content you'd like to see instead. The biggest piece of advice we received was to make sure all the content we upload onto Twitch or Youtube is meaningful content to Deadhaus Sonata. In light...
The Road Ahead
Deadhaus Sonata Visuals Progress Showcase
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@Calypso posted a visual comparison of our progress since our announcement. Check it out!

New 20 Best RPG Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games of 2020 & 2021
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Deadhaus Sonata has been featured in the New 20 Best RPG Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games of ( 2020 & 2021 )
Apocalypse Commits to My World in PROJECT DEIOS
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Check out the live stream where Denis answers many questions in a Q&A with host Guy Guy Sclanders from How to be a Great GM. In a surprise move, Denis commits to the “My World” Kickstarter level for project Deios, where Deadhaus Sonata will now be created with these amazing upcoming tools! There is likely more news developing in this area. Stay tuned!