Almanac of the Necrolibriatas
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Discover lunar cycles and time of year within the world of Deadhaus. Deadhaus Sonata simulates a complete solar system to get full yearly seasons, different and accurate moon and day cycles, weather effects and much more. Check it out!
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Studying the schools of thought around the Sacred Trinity is wise. Indeed, the physical, the magickal, and the essential are a worthy foundation to build upon, but this is not the path I exhort. Many are those who assault my character as being solely driven by hatred, and although I will not deny that hatred exists within me, I believe it is misguided to dismiss my philosophy as mere rhetoric.

Hear me. We are in a time where everyone lies. Layer upon layer of deception compounds the consciousness to the point where there are so many mistruths that the average individual cannot deal with the cognitive weight of the deception and eventually succumbs to despair and tyranny. There is no hope for the truth has been lost.

Follow me and let the truth be a weapon. We will cut through the lies and show them the way.

We will kill them all.

3:7 – The Scrolls Of Lamentations Ngaztak,
The Leader of the Black Right Hand,
Malleus Odium and Revenant...​
Introducing Ages
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Deadhaus Sonata™ is currently in the pre-alpha active development stage. We will be releasing the game in “Ages” prior to full release which act as the foundation for narrative in our online free-to-play world and replaces the traditional concept of alphas and betas.

The Ages system combines several different core pillars of Deadhaus Sonata™ at a macro level: regularly scheduled content releases, narrative-driven design, and community-driven design. Ages will be one of the fundamental building blocks upon which we forge innovative narrative structures for gamers.

The first closed Alpha from our previous timeline is now called the First Age, and the first closed Beta is now called the Second Age.

With each Age, things will be permanently forged into the world by players, for all to discover and marvel at in later Ages. Once the Age is complete, all of the bonuses and accomplishments will no longer be available. Weapons crafted, stories...
A Spiritual Successor To Legacy of Kain
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Join Director Denis Dyack as he explains how Deadhaus Sonata is a Spiritual Successor to Legacy of Kain.

Deadhaus Sonata™, a Spiritual Successor to Legacy of Kain, is a Narrative Driven Action RPG where you play as the Undead fighting the living.

As an unstoppable force from Deadhaus, you are a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale. Launch your enemies in the air and eviscerate them with elegant dance macabre. Consume your enemies to make yourself whole while exploring the grim world of Nogosua.

Gameplay will feature a dark, narrative-driven storyline, which is a spiritual successor to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain ® Deadhaus Sonata™ development is leading on the PC and will support all major platforms.
  • Spiritual Successor to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain®
  • Narrative Driven Gameplay
  • Free-to-Play
  • Action Role Playing Game (ARPG)
  • Asymmetrical Game Design
  • Multiplayer Co-Op
  • Interactive Streaming...
Apocalypse Studios Partners with Lemon Sky Studios
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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario November 04, 2019

Apocalypse Studios is excited to announce a CoProduction agreement with Lemon Sky Studios, to create amazing visuals in the world of Deadhaus Sonata for gamers.

“Lemon Sky is second to none when to creating great visuals.”, said Denis Dyack, CEO of Apocalypse Studios Inc. “For the earliest days of development on Deadhaus Sonata, I knew that we would want to work with Lemon Sky to make Deadhaus Sonata visually breathtaking. We are now happy to announce that we have taken this one step further and have entered into a CoProduction Agreement with Lemon Sky to integrate our teams further for even better results for gamers.”

“Working with Denis and the Team at Apocalypse is inspiring, and Deadhaus Sonata is the perfect game for us to get deeply involved in the development process,” said Cheng-Fei Wong, CEO of Lemon Sky. “Not only will we be working on the visuals, but we will be working together to build our design and programming teams to...
Exclusively Games: ‘Deadhaus Sonata’ Peeks from the Night
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Johnathan Irwin at Exclusively Games recently wrote about Deadhaus Sonata’s newest Weather/Environment Update, check it out here!