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New Stream Type Incoming
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After input from the illustrious @Golden Xan , I am pleased to announce a new kind of developer stream. Starting next Wednesday, at 4:00 PM EST, @Denis Dyack and myself will be hosting a Worldbuilding Town Hall on Twitch. The current plan is to stream this once a month and watch what kind of response it gets. Feedback will influence future streaming content directions.

The Worldbuilding Town Hall will discuss lore, classes, characters, stories, and overall worldbuilding elements at a level of depth that is suited for the more hardcore members of our audience. These sessions will have a literary and industry-minded focus, and a more serious approach to the topics therein.
June 2020 Roadmap Update
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Join our Director and CEO Denis Dyack as he provides an update to our Roadmap and reveals new forum badges!

Update: The Ageless (1000 additional platinum ($100 value) when you buy any founders pack) promotion will end on July 1, 2020.
Interactive Streaming Is a Much More Provocative Opportunity Than Next-Gen, Says Dyack