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    User Submissions for DHS World Anvil

    CyanStargazer -
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    Streamer Cards

    I can't wait to see what the other Streaming Banshee's Lore cards will hold.
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    Ghoul Magic

    "Hey Ghoul, what do you have there?" "A Book!" "NO!"
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    [Fanfiction] The Binding

    I only got to read this now since I got off work early (Thank you job for overstaffing today) and I'll just say, well done. I like this very much.
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    Be Not Afraid...The Haus of Angels.

    AH, after looking through several old forum posts. (Angelhaus has also gone under Divinihaus) I remembered the Trinary system we talked about. It was Emotion, Physical, and Conceptual forms. Positive Emotions (Joy, happiness, ect), Physical (Or basically the cannon fodder angels), and Conceptual...
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    Class locking weapons, where do you stand?

    This does sound awesome, but we do seem to be focusing on the Liche primarily. How about a Ghoul using a Grimoire or Staff. Those just don't fit the Ghoul at all and while seeing a ghoul wearing a top hat and monocle casting spells would be funny, it really doesn't fit how we've seen the Ghoul...
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    hidden messages in the deadhaus trailer video 14Jan21

    Ah my mistake. Still, it's very interesting with quote "The Ring has Fallen" since the way I think about how it's said means that the group or collective has fallen. And since we have that Ashen Revenant, it still might be possible that the order has fallen and become that which they sought to kill.
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    hidden messages in the deadhaus trailer video 14Jan21

    I'm having fun trying to piece these parts together. From what those say, we can assume either a large majority of the Ashen Ring are dead or undead. Though now that I think about it, the symbol on some of the ghoul heads do seem like an upside down symbol of the Ashen Ring. That may go into why...
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    Which Undead are you most interested in

    Since the Ghoul Reveal I saw a bunch of people swapped from Vampire to Ghoul, and maybe even a few others. So I though getting a show of hands for who is interested in what undead would be nice. This is for all 7 of them.
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    Multiplayer Off?

    You can select to go into missions solo or in multiplayer. Sorta like Warframe.
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    Should Weapons Decay or Not?

    Hitting the right point in Weapon Decay is hard. Thinking of Dark Souls 2 here, weapons decayed FAR to fast, and upgrading weapons was expensive for both materials and souls, since enemies had a limited spawn. Dark Soul 1, had weapon decay, but it was almost negligible since by the time it was...
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    Adaptive leveling

    While I do love this kind of character progression, I know it's a terrible way to run multiplayer RPG's. Games like Skyrim get away with it because there is no limit. But for flat limits it's a very bad idea. This idea was present in Final Fantasy 2, and people hated it. An example was that if...
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    Diegetic UI

    Wrong post in the forums I think Livin.
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    Your First Undead

    I figured that getting a good idea of what each person might want to play as might generate some community hype and talks going about possible class/undead interactions.
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    Today it was reaffirmed that banshees are going to be gender locked...

    The reason they look like women is probably because humans are stupid, and still listen to the basic of basic instincts. If they see a woman all alone, and crying, they'll probably move to either comfort or rescue them. And end up as a tasty snack. Said Banshee might also take their soul and...
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    Fan Deadhaus stories

    Eh, had this idea for a short story. So here it is. The magic surged through the man, his screams almost drowning out the machinations bizarre construct behind him. The shriveled creature, which caught the poor man and dragged him there, floated a short ways away. It's boney fingers drumming...
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    Today it was reaffirmed that banshees are going to be gender locked...

    Yeah the Headless Horseman is the Dullahan, or the equivalent of the Grim Reaper. Funnily enough, Dullahan are terrified of gold, and will not come for your soul if you have even a pin head of gold in your house. As for being the equivalent of the Banshee or counterpart... eh? Dullahan have...
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    Today it was reaffirmed that banshees are going to be gender locked...

    A good way of looking at this is that the Banshee "looks" female. It's never been alive so it doesn't really have a gender to begin with. It likely doesn't have a gender at all and it's appearance could be a possible hunting method. People discussed that during the stream, you'd think it as a...
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    Be Not Afraid...The Haus of Angels.

    I think we tossed around the idea for what the trinary system for an angel house would be. Since the higher up the sphere's certain angelic beings are, the more sort of conceptual their forms become. Either shaped by Emotion of the viewer, or emotions in general. I can't remember everything, but...
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    Dangers of your True Name Discussion

    Yeah, the balancing issues could be very tough. If one person ends up putting their characters "True Name" out there, and somewhere down the line they have a fall out with the person they trusted their true name too, it could easily get into the wrong hands and neuter the character. So maybe...