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  1. Tnarg Il Tonmah

    All Hail The One Being

    As we know the world of Malorum is probably older than written history and human (living) memories. So I was ask the following (theory). The living are fighting the dead just to survive. It's not going well. So are the living looking for artifacts to destroy each class of undead? One that...
  2. Tnarg Il Tonmah

    It's A Dangerous World Out There

    I know I have spoken about this before but I was wondering will/or can the physical world of DHS be just as challenging/dangerous as the residents which reside there? Could there for be for example be a "living" forest. In other words a place where the elements are unbalanced however the place...
  3. Tnarg Il Tonmah

    The World Of Deadhaus

    Hey everyone, got a quick question will the world of Deadhaus be just as dangerous as the residents who live there? Afterall I feel a haunted forest is more challenging and scary than a building or similar structure. A case of the elements unbalanced and yet working in harmony to "live". Thanks...