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    Future Houses

    well.....they will be balanced of course lol. Or, thats what what i'm assuming, but, why would it be otherwise?
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    I feel like the point is for it to be unappealing
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    What is the best game engine: is Amazon Lumberyard right for you?

    i'm getting a pc than can run sekiro at max everything, 60 fps, no problems. Is saying that it can run deadhaus a safe bet at the moment?
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    Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance - Has anyone played?

    Wow, the archer shooting arrows without moving her body looks awful lol
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    Apocalypse Studios Selects Tafi's Character Creator SDK for Meta-Gaming

    I don't complitely understand. What does this do?
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    Will there be level scaling?

    i never understood level scaling. Whats even the point of getting stronger if everyone just levels up with you
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    Vampire Looks (please read)

    Denis has said that there will be more human-like options in the character maker so make of that what you will. And for the record, i agree with you
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    Still on schedule?

    From how confident Denis seems to be with the graphics and gameplay, i would say, it seems so
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    Tarot Combination Idea

    eh, kind of unnecessary in my opinion. Would be cool and all, but i'm pretty sure the team has more important things to focus on. Some of the skills you mention could just be standalone abilities tbh and honestly, i'm kind of tired of hearing the word ''were'' from the community. Its as if...
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    [Suggestion] The dual music for Deadhaus

    yeah, i should have added something like, ignore that this is a perfume ad, since you clearly didn't ignore it.... Sounds cool regardless tho! don't even try to debate me on that.... I'm serious :mad:
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    [Suggestion] The dual music for Deadhaus

    No electronic music? personally, i'm all about that. Epic and rock and gothic and whatever are so overused. Every piece is basically the same to me at this point. The only recent game that made it kinda work was God of War, and even there i wasn't the biggest fan. I would like if the ost gave...
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    Tarot Card Skill Tree Discussion

    It's just one card bro. Just one or two out of the 78++. Saying that this will lead to people not enjoying the game or becoming frustrated just for a couple of cards is going a little bit too far imo. I personally preffer when I can't get access to everything in a game. Limitations lead to...
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    Tarot Card Skill Tree Discussion

    Can't help but agree tbh. Personally I see nothing wrong with not being able to get All the cards l. That's how real life works too. And thus is a free to play so you are not missing anything you payed money for
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    New Info Released - Skill System

    I really don't like this too. Maybe you asked something with the word experience in? And he said that they don't have any experience in them when you pick them up? Lol. Best case scenario it was a misunderstanding, or we change their mind. Worse case scenario, I'm making a headCanon!
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    New Info Released - Skill System

    btw, when you say, ''the cards contain a power themselves. They are not a representation of a knowledge attained by your character'' what does this mean? does the player literally find a card that gives his a power? thats kinda silly. In my opinion they should represent knowledge attained by...
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    New Info Released - Skill System

    i really like this system. Hope they can make it work. Its seems like a lot of work
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    Tarot Card Skill Tree Discussion

    i....don't think thats gonna happen lol
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    Banshee stuff in my brain

    chains are already wraith property...sorry
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    Undead age as a game mechanic

    my guy, older players always have an unfair advantage. They played longer. Even in games with no upgrades and progression, older players just have an advantage. Thats how it goes
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    Enemy Types

    i haven't seen many people talk about this, and i find it interesting to see what other sort of ideas other people have. Of course there should be stuff like human wizards, clerics and paladins, mounted enemies? Different types of demons maybe?