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  1. CyanStargazer

    Memoirs of a Liche

    Many are the undead who make up our mighty force of Deadhaus, but truly I must wonder as to the reasons many joined. Such as the base desires of the "noble" Vampires and gluttonous Ghouls are easy to determine. Even I must wonder why those fools of our Haus must fight and squabble over every...
  2. CyanStargazer

    Which Undead are you most interested in

    Since the Ghoul Reveal I saw a bunch of people swapped from Vampire to Ghoul, and maybe even a few others. So I though getting a show of hands for who is interested in what undead would be nice. This is for all 7 of them.
  3. CyanStargazer

    Your First Undead

    I figured that getting a good idea of what each person might want to play as might generate some community hype and talks going about possible class/undead interactions.
  4. CyanStargazer

    Dangers of your True Name Discussion

    So I remembered earlier today that Denis, Jack, and others teased that letting your characters True Name leak out might be devastating. I thought that since it seems like we haven't had any sort of discussion about it we might as well start. Given that Names, especially True Names seemingly have...
  5. CyanStargazer

    Which class will you play first?

    So I thought, given the discussion from this morning, we could find out who wants to play what class when DHS comes out. Feel free to put your vote down if you want.
  6. CyanStargazer

    Best/Funniest Moments in a game

    I figured we could share the funniest moments we've all had in a game. It can be either a tabletop game or video game. I'd say one of my favorite moments I've had in a game, specifically D&D, is when I seduced the main villain, who was a demonic goddess. It was funny simply because the rest of...
  7. CyanStargazer

    Deadhaus/Apocalypse Meme Stockpile

    I thought since we can post pictures we might as well put the Apocalypse studio and Deadhaus memes in a place people can more easily look at rather than going through the Discord.
  8. CyanStargazer

    Fan Deadhaus stories

    I thought I'd make this for anyone else who wants to write little fan stories about what we know about Deadhaus Sonata so far.
  9. CyanStargazer

    Making Narrative and world building sense for ingame bans

    So an idea I had for explaining ingame bans is through one of the classic staples of starting a game, a contract. Not one that the player themselves agree too, but one their character agrees to. (Think Persona 3, Bloodborne, games where the contract are part of character creation). This contract...