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  1. Ardyn

    Maps and locations

    Was about to start writing yesterday after FINALLY figuring out which writing style I wanted to use when I realized I forgot one other important aspect of Malorum. What is the current technology level of the world? Are we talking Middle-Ages esque tech, or early industrial revolution? What I'm...
  2. Ardyn

    Maps and locations

    Thank you very much, this certainly helps me out.
  3. Ardyn

    Maps and locations

    I might only be having trouble finding it, but do we have an official map for Deadhaus Sonata yet? And how many places have been listed? I'm still trying to go through all the lore and figuring out the setting as it currently is mainly because I was planning to do a bit of writing myself. I...
  4. Ardyn

    Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In

    I personally find it amusing that some people are shying away from the Vampire class. There's nothing wrong with that decision, I just find the two reasons I keep seeing interesting. Firstly, a lot of people don't know the entire phrase, which leads them to think a 'jack-of-all-trades' style...
  5. Ardyn

    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    I'll admit, I'm a bit biased on this one. Soul Reaver was my original introduction to the world of Nosgoth, and I remember the very first time I played it on a demo disk for the PSOne back when I was a kid. I immediately fell in love with the dark gothic world, deep character stories, and the...
  6. Ardyn

    Balance Guardian

    That's a difficult one, to be sure. I don't think the Scion of Balance would have a visible effect like so many of the others. Instead, I would consider what he effects most with is his choices. Mobius showed that fate was already dictated in advance by some degree. But if Fate were so set in...
  7. Ardyn

    Which class will you play first?

    So far I like what I see with the Wraith class, Vampire is a nice close second though. I might change my mind as development moves forward.
  8. Ardyn

    Kain's hair

    Stress got the hair, Hot Topic got the armor