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  1. Sorgin

    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    Form 2 definitely looks more like something transformed into a bat-like creature, form 1 is more of a monster that evolved to look that way IMO. Not sure which is more relevant for a blood moon transformation, but my vote goes for #2 since it seems more like an alternate form of something...
  2. Sorgin

    Monetization Ideas

    Please consider making the art book that was previously available in the Malleus Odium package available as a stand-alone item for purchase with platinum. I would have loved to pick up the package, but sadly had some financial issues which prevented me from upgrading before the packs...
  3. Sorgin

    Monetization Ideas

    Especially when the perma death mode comes in and pvp is enabled. Trying to balance PVP where people can put in different amounts of time for leveling is already difficult, it becomes nearly impossible when player A puts in 20+ hours a week and has an xp multiplier on all he time while player B...
  4. Sorgin

    Monetization Ideas

    Also, Please don't neglect physical items as a form of monetization as well; The same credit system could be used to purchase both! High quality tapestry, throw blanket, giant mousepad sized world maps! Giant mousepad/poster map view of individual regions Posters of the entire (current) set...
  5. Sorgin

    Monetization Ideas

    Speaking of Tafi, I am lead to believe that multiple classes will have the ability to shape change. I assume it will be possible to change shape into something passably human for periods of time to explore/infiltrate incognito. Since players of Deadhause Sonata are going to be getting familiar...
  6. Sorgin

    Monetization Ideas

    Touching on, "Non combat companions: most games have a non combat companion/familiar/pet to accompany them on missions. The options for this are almost endless and can be kept lore specific." A game I have put a lot of time, and money, into is a game called Shroud of the Avatar which is like...
  7. Sorgin

    A Jackal [Fanfic]

    I. His mother had called him Jacob, but that was in another life - when he had use for such concepts as names. Gabrielle’s little boy was long gone, not even the eyes he looked through were entirely his own now. All that remains of that willful youth is his ambition, a great hunger. Seldom...
  8. Sorgin

    User Submissions for DHS World Anvil

    Hi, I would like to participate. Here is my world anvil username: Sorgin Txakal Thank you!