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  1. Lowlife

    Class locking weapons, where do you stand?

    So at the moment we know that class locking certain weapons may be the current plan. What is your opinion on this? Do you want to be a liche with a massive two handed greatsword? Do you want to be a vampire that employs spells from their grimoire? Do you agree with making certain weapons only...
  2. Lowlife

    Adaptive leveling

    Im sure Apocalypse already has a great plan on levels and skills but one can only dream. I've talked about this briefly with other community members already but would like to get a more general opinion. So as industry standard for leveling in games goes "earn enough experience, earn a skill...
  3. Lowlife

    Osteomancy, possible subclass?

    In the Necrolibriatas osteomancy is briefly mentioned. Now what exactly is osteomancy? In the Necrolibriatas entry that it is mentioned, it can be interpreted that the osteomancer is the one who raises your character from beyond to exact revenge for means yet to be mentioned. From what I...
  4. Lowlife

    Current founder packs

    Will the newer art direction effect the current founder packs? Since there has been a fairly strong shift in design will that be directed towards the current packs and the cosmetics involved
  5. Lowlife

    Upon death, Final entry's, back stories. Post em!

    "Cayvis of Bleakspire Journal entry, my final entry. In life I was nothing more than the mud beneath the lord's boot, a common peasant. An orphan, i had nothing to claim but to build upon my own given name. I've spent my life beneath the dirt of those who walked the roads and hold claim to...
  6. Lowlife

    The Book Of The Obsidian Octahedron

    Im not sure if its been mentioned before and I apologize if it has, but in speculation is the The book of the obsidian octahedron the true scripture of ALL houses and the Necrolibriatas is an edited version that only supports the the beliefs and ideals of Deadhaus? If this is the case, will each...
  7. Lowlife

    Player movement and verticality

    Something I would personally love to see is distinct class based vertical locomotion. For example the vampire being able to jump great heights/scaling walls with unparalleled finess and whatnot. The option to stalk and attack from roof tops and the sort would seem amazingly fitting for an apex...
  8. Lowlife

    Character Creation/Customization

    In DHS, I'm sure there will be a fairly in depth and satisfying character creation. What would anyone else like to see within this? I think it has already been said that there will be a feature in character creation that is focused on how long the player character is dead and that will affect...