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  1. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Understood, didn't get whether they started off looking human and slowly transitioning as they leveled or started off transformed. Still think it'd be a neat way to further progress a character after taking them as far as possible.
  2. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    This is really out there but the conversation over beasthaus has made me think of something I think could be awesome. The premise of beasthaus is that its human being twisted into powerful forms by the gods they worship. The premise of deadhaus is that they are humans that have come back from...
  3. Livin


    In our write your own character background I made my Liche Merric's phylactery/familiars the rat skeletons that covered his body like armor; and whenever his vessel was destroyed they'd move to another corpse, raising it as his new one.
  4. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Basically, though it doesn't need to be capable of all those variations.
  5. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    I've been curious about whether they'd be in Feyhaus. If they did it'd be neat if the goblin evolved with your advancement on the skill tree and created pathways to potentially become: warrior hobgoblins, redcap assassins, strategic kobolds, savage kol'ksu, and magical tengu.
  6. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    In that same train of thought @Golden Xan, I'd like a goblinhaus. They come in so many varieties that there is more than enough to fill out a trinary, with some of them bringing in the element of luck. Given how closely they live to human society and have differing temperaments towards them...
  7. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    On a thread where we speculated what the God's motivations are I suggested a dynamic where they would project themselves onto this world in various forms like an alias, some of which would go on to be recognized as Gods in their own right. Perhaps that could be what is happening here, a single...
  8. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Some of the beasts could be part of the same class, with each form being part of the certain path you choose on the skill tree. This could include things such as choosing between being a goatman and a faun, a mermaid or a gorgon.
  9. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Ah, instead different gods it's one god with the classes being different functions they serve like one being the equivalent of a crusader and another being a priest. I like it.
  10. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Glad you liked it! It'd be fun speculating the pantheon of the gods they worship, possibly even have those gods or their individual worship being the class on the trinary.
  11. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Pagans of a faith from a more ancient time, long ago driven to the corners of the realm to escape persecution at the hands of what is now the dominant faith/faiths of humanity or rediscovered by the disillusioned followers of the dominant faiths long after the original followers were purged and...
  12. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    Skin Walkers?
  13. Livin

    [Suggestion] Puzzle types

    Unlocking artifacts would be neat, stuff in the same vein as the puzzle box from Hellraiser that upon unlocking takes you into a pocket dimension where the challenges and rewards await you.
  14. Livin

    Another Haus Idea

    If the thing that ties them all together is the fact they are half human hybrids then perhaps it could be called Chimerahaus and not limited to just beasts. Gorgons Harpies Mermaids Centaurs Fauns Werewolves Sphinxes
  15. Livin

    Gigahaus potential gameplay mechanics for PVP

    Had a thought related to pvp and the scenario I outlined earlier. The giants are largest in the world, but to become the size of mountains they must merge together. One player steers the thing as it moves to take the objective against the enemies that opposes you on the outside while the others...
  16. Livin

    Trying to make a purchase

    I've been trying to upgrade to the herald, but xsolla keeps rejecting me. I even got my brother to try buying it through the paypal account he used before to get H&M and got rejected, guess its only allowed to work once according to them. What can I do?
  17. Livin

    Weapon types

    Weapons that are manipulated and directed around the wielder, blocking attacks from enemies while delivering their own (think element bending from avatar, Gara's sand from Naruto, and Byakuya's sword from Bleach).
  18. Livin

    Suggestion for Companion App (Mobile version) game alternatives

    This is probably too much for mobile but what the hell, I'd like to propose map making. You direct one of your companions as they scout out an area you intend to go through with your main. They map out the area and identify all threats and treasures within it as they must stealthily go about to...
  19. Livin

    Feedback on the Founders Packs

    @Golden Xan, I'm partial to suggestion 2. It treats going from founders 1 to 2 as compounding interest, encouraging more early investment with founders 1.
  20. Livin

    Gigahaus Class Speculation

    I've been thinking over what happens if you die, if there is a narrative way to come back and I've got a few thoughts I'd like to share. When it comes to those whose body is made of elements like Ents, Jotuns, Titans, and possibly Golems I suggested that their crafting could be done internally...