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    Feedback for Version 0.1.13

    I wish I could be of more help but, I honestly don't know what it was that has improved my motion sensitivity. All I know is it had improved.
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    Mace feels incredibly clunky

    I believe that the mace ability would benefit from a little forward momentum for improved flow
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    Steam in regards to NFT

    so question with the recent NFT concerns brought up within the internet recently and steams Anti-NFT stance put forward what will happen with account "Ownership" going forward?
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    Friend Affinity

    I was watching darkest dungeon and i had a thought what if DHS had a benefit for playing long term with certain people like maybe a health boost when playing with a friend...side benefit it promotes getting to know people that you get along with. Another benefit should any disagreement occur...
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    "A Lords Fall" yet Another poem from Grim Scribe Scara

    In life I bore no sword as a Lord I could afford battle hardened guardians to protect what I hold dear with sword or spear. All it took was one vampire to lay waste to my entire empire, He bade me volunteer my vein and I may yet maintain my station. I reluctantly agreed to bleed my humanity...