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  1. Koldin.D.Collie

    It doesn't launch on Steam Deck (Proton 7 or Experimental)

    At the moment the game is only playable on desktops.
  2. Koldin.D.Collie

    Demo on Nintendo Switch

    Hello, thanks for the questions. The demo is only available on PC, as that is what the game will launch on. Console ports will be worked on MUCH farther down the road.
  3. Koldin.D.Collie

    Name that Vampire

    Morbius is an IP owned by Sony and Marvel.
  4. Koldin.D.Collie

    Bloodlust Feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback, this is definitely something the team could take a look into doing.
  5. Koldin.D.Collie

    Bloodlust Feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback!At the moment the moment the mechanics are still being flushed out. We will let the team know your thoughts.
  6. Koldin.D.Collie

    Blood Poll

    The Herald beseeches all members of the house to tell us your thoughts. How does our blood look thus far? Is it too much, just right, or not enough? To cast your vote, head over to; Lord Ngaztak looks forward to hearing your thoughts. Fight the living!