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    I have to honestly say I was impressed with this demo. The graphics, the character and the movement. To me there was a lot to be excited about. The only thing that I struggled with at first was the enemy lock-on function with the controller. I found I was running around in circles. However once...
  2. Maine-iac Gaming

    Tech Demo Feature Suggestion Box

    Viewing as a tech demo: Likes: -Appears the closest enemy(ies) are the ones being attacked. -The atmosphere. -The music -Enemies cowering away. Makes you more susceptible to back attacks if you chase them. Also makes you have to engage them. Improvements: -Characters abilities, attacks and...
  3. Maine-iac Gaming

    Something I wrote for fun

    I wrote this months ago, very rough however here it is. I am no writer but I hope you enjoy. As I walked into the cabin I was greeted by a painting hanging in the back. There was a figure in the painting seated on a throne. The throne appeared to be made of bones. One would expect the bones to...
  4. Maine-iac Gaming

    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    The original, blood omen. I loved the opening cutscenes. The game had me interested right from the start and I was curious as to what was coming next. The voice acting was amazing. With every new item or scene brought on a descriptive dialogue. I had never played anything like it at that time. I...
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    What are currently playing?

    Currently playing Bayonetta for the WiiU