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  1. NinjaMortis

    Name that Vampire

    Maercs Ni Raef
  2. NinjaMortis

    The Backwards tongue of Maercs Ni Raef

    Oh yeah definitely I just used earthy places and history as a starting point as I am not as familiar with deadhaus lore yet but I felt i could closely tie them together from the black pyramids image. Oh yeah thanks for the feedback I'm going to dig more into the lore and try to flesh it out more...
  3. NinjaMortis

    The Backwards tongue of Maercs Ni Raef

    forgive me I'm not very good at writing stories or just writing at all period but I have a character idea I'd like to share... So Maercs Ni Raef was a doctor in ancient Egypt to the Pharaoh as well as a skilled artisan who also did Embalmings for the mummification that is essential for rebirth...
  4. NinjaMortis

    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    I'm voting for two because it looks badass, but thinking about it as a transformation from the spiked bat it would seem to visually follow that it would become one by losing its skin hair and spikes and then maybe it becomes faster and more deadly than seeming to get more muscular lose the hair...
  5. NinjaMortis

    Malleus Odium

    Malleus Odium
  6. NinjaMortis

    Afterparty answers: Merch ideas

    Class Theme logo hoodies preferably zip-ups. #TeamLiche