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  1. shinybri

    A Solemn Grave-Character Origin Story

    Oooooh, I like this a lot! More please! 🤩
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    Bloodlust Feedback!

    For those of you who missed the February stream, we showed a new game mechanic-- Bloodlust! Here is the place to discuss your thoughts and give the devs feedback
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    Stream Update for 2022

    Members of the Haus, I come bearing important news regarding the streams... Beginning from now, all live events pertaining to Deadhaus shall be on the final Wednesday of each month. Many secrets will be revealed to those who heed the Herald's messages. Our Lord N'Gaztak shall command you...
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    Tech Demo Feature Suggestion Box

    Just a reminder: By joining this server you agree to follow these rules: 1. No Racism, Harassment, Discrimination of any kind on this discord. Please leave your political and religious views at the door. 2. Respect the staff and others at all times. You are welcome to have debates and...
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    Legend of the No-Life King (Brief Character Origin Story)

    I like this a lot!! Did the sister die? In the discord you mentioned a vampire and liche duo, I think. But this is a pretty good backstory for revenge ;) I also really *really* like the way it is written! Good job!!
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    World Anvil Articles For Curation

    I have submitted part 2 for Banshee - The Threads of Fate :)
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    Oh I had no idea there were nocturnal cicadas, TMYT! It would make sense for them to be in Malorum too... ;)
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    Very nice!! A few things stuck out to me. Why are cicadas making noise at night? They are diurnal, and it's really rare for them to be active at night. You could possibly twist it in a way that the moonlight is so bright it confuses their senses, but otherwise mentioning them doesn't really...
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    Yooooo I LOVE this :love:
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    Oh now I understand why I like it so much! :ROFLMAO:
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    Dang that's solid logic. Might have to change my vote :ROFLMAO: I will sleep on it! UGH why are they both so good
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    This is the hardest choice yet :eek: I love them both. 1 is Sky Puppy big cute ears and 2 dragged itself from the pits of hell and probably smells horrible. 2 look SAVAGE and that's what I wanna see. Just looking at him I can tell he is going to be a big creep and have a vastly different walk...
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    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

  14. shinybri

    Song of the red oaks.

    Hey... congrats again ;) Love this piece, you nailed it with the imagery.
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    The Ancient Tablet

    These edits are perfect!! It's really come together and his personality really shines through :) Good job!! One small grammatical edit: in the beginning you use the word "cause" instead of "course" when writing "of course it is." I love it, fantastic job!! :love:
  16. shinybri

    The Ancient Tablet

    HEY WE GOOO LET'S DO THIS My first impression after the initial read is that it is somehow both dragged out and cut off at the same time, if that makes sense. Each entry is too short yet the sentences themselves are too long and use a lot of commas. The perspective is someone writing a...
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    The Book of the Damned

    The preface is lovely, no problems there. only one small thing from the next part: The one line that is longer than the rest sticks out (literally hehe). "Then only I will remain to contemplate the eternal silence" Could be dropped entirely, honestly. Or maybe just leave "only I will...
  18. shinybri

    The Book of the Damned

    So I love this a LOT. One grammatical thing that almost everyone gets wrong at some point (including myself)... You need to use a semicolon in between two independent clauses. "The book itself is an abomination; at first it appears as a normal book made of black leather..." "The closer you...
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    Want to be a guest in the community streams?

    Do you want to join us in the community streams to discuss lore, fan-made stories and content, and all things Deadhaus? All you need is: a decent camera a microphone be an active member of the community Bonus Points for twitch streamers/youtubers/content creators Reply here and let us know!
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    Fragment of A Forbidden Truth -- a journal entry from an unfortunate researcher

    I know Yokaihaus doesn't exist, but.... *holds hands up like alien meme guy* ... Edit: to actually actually explain what that means, Gaki-ism is a curse to punish greedy humans. In Deadhaus it seems to be something ritualistically achieved slowly, but could it be a curse forced upon someone as...