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    Ask Away!

    A silly question, I think it matters!😋 So what's the diet in the office like? Any favored pizza places or new discoveries? What time is lunch (if lunch is consistent at a time at all?) And one serious question because it seems simple and it feels there should be an answer early.. Physical...
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    New info released: Cosmology Mapping of Deadhaus' Houses

    Whoa this is going to be incredible isn't it.. you can already feel all the effort put in, everyone thinks that everything that isn't League of Legends or Blizzard is just made up fakery. I think the reason I know Silicon Knights and Deadhaus isn't is because I always skim right over all of it...
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    Too Human now backwards compatible on Xbox One

    I thought this was a really smart move for you guys at SK, like it's been hard but this gave me a lot of hope. Tons of people have never heard of this game and no one is going to buy an old system and an old game just to check something out. Also the MP aspects of Too Human being ahead of the...
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    Anyone going to EGX

    I'm all about conventions and silly nerd gatherings, I would really want to go to more of these at one point. My first convention was AX 2011 really sorta changed my life a bit honestly. so it's in October? Go Denis go! Haha.... I think there's also Denver Popcon or something a new one I...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    Honestly I put more thought into this and I'm just looking forward to whatever the devs have in mind, I just want to have a good surprise I think something unique and that means no work on my part! :sneaky:
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    Highlights from Deadhaus' Exclusively Games Mega Interview

    Awesome I've been away for awhile and it's nice to come back to see a whole bunch of new information out there.
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    A Sin For Every Class

    It sounds like a compelling concept to me honestly.
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    What are currently playing?

    I was playing some really old stuff later after a few other things, I really enjoyed this game Pac Man Adventures 2 for SNES so I got really into it.
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    The Cause of the Conflict

    I'm sure there are completely official lore based reasons and stuff like that at this point. However, this is a thought that occurred to me and I have no idea if it co crosses over with the present.... But I feel like maybe it does to an extent.... so this isn't really long but here goes...
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    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    Despite having some issues here and there I would have to say Blood Omen. Soul Reaver honestly was just not that different or interesting all things considered... Technically it was different, but in spirit Blood Omen has all the essence of what makes a kind grim medieval European sorta...
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    What are currently playing?

    Phew really busy but not too bad to pop in here again... glad to see the reponses! I played a bit of Kirby Wii U honestly kind of a challenge! It's great to connect with Kirby again though. (Here's hoping Deadhaus is coming along great!)
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    What are currently playing?

    Hey everyone! Ok so this is a popular topic on many boards that I've seen... might be fun here for people.... Maybe with a picture or not however preferred... But yeah! Some...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    I'm re-reading sorta a lot of Wheel of Time recently for one reason or another...and it occurred to me how cool a lot of those character's kinda setups in those series would be as video game sorta characters. For instance the main character is like kind of battlemage/fighter something, and then...
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    Blood Omen Legacy of Kain Review: Oct 31 - 2018

    Maybe even just 4-5 years ago I thought about breaking out the jewel case version to replay on Playstation 1... that just doesn't happen with most games to be replayable like that. I feel like I should also mention that I got introduced to this game via a bunch of people who were all into super...
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    Deadhaus Sonata Announced from Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain Creator Denis Dyack

    Hey all! Yeah so ok I definitely wouldn't call everything a TANGENT Derula haha =-P, but yeah once again it's pretty interesting to be here.. I must confess honestly this all is really my first time interacting with the larger video game community online, being raised in the "Hey that person...
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    Deadhaus Sonata Announced from Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain Creator Denis Dyack

    Hey! Was wondering what was up this is Freya from the old forums... new game looks good! I wasn't necessarily expecting a full revamp like this until I went searching for Quantum videos only to find it had all changed to Apocalypse... I must admit my first reaction was someone had stolen the...