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  1. CyanStargazer

    Best/Funniest Moments in a game

    So my brother and I reminisced about past games we played, but this is my favorite moment from those games. We played Dead Island through system link at home on our Xbox 360 (We didn't have Xbox Live) and we managed to get to the final boss. We watched the cutscene introducing the final boss...
  2. CyanStargazer

    Best/Funniest Moments in a game

    I figured we could share the funniest moments we've all had in a game. It can be either a tabletop game or video game. I'd say one of my favorite moments I've had in a game, specifically D&D, is when I seduced the main villain, who was a demonic goddess. It was funny simply because the rest of...
  3. CyanStargazer

    Deadhaus/Apocalypse Meme Stockpile

    I thought since we can post pictures we might as well put the Apocalypse studio and Deadhaus memes in a place people can more easily look at rather than going through the Discord.
  4. CyanStargazer

    [References] Vampire Types Around The World

    Ah yeah! That's it! Thanks! Sorry, but I couldn't remember the name for the life/unlife of me.
  5. CyanStargazer

    [References] Vampire Types Around The World

    Oh I can't remember the name of it, but there was one undead which was indistinguishable from a living person during the day. But at night, their head would detach and would go to suck the blood from sleeping people with their tounge. If I remember right the main ways to kill it was to either...
  6. CyanStargazer

    [Suggestion] Revenant Magickal & Essential Skills

    Ooooh, that sounds great, and links with the irl mythical idea of Revenants. Where when they see someone who wronged them in life, their eyes glow and they immediately start attacking said person.
  7. CyanStargazer

    [Suggestion] Damage Types & Item Attributes

    There is one thing I could point out that might be a good idea. But not all weapons might be meant purely for attacking. For example a staff, for most characters it would just be a staff, but won't deal much damage. If used by a magic user it could be a stat stick. Basically it increases their...
  8. CyanStargazer

    The Banshee

    My first thought to single target is driving an enemy insane so that they attack their own allies. That would be a cool ability.
  9. CyanStargazer

    PvP Human Classes

    I did just realize something, if there is a Divinihaus (Or Angelhaus) would the angels be fighting against humans? Or would they be hunting weaker forms of the other haus'? And if they did fight against humans, would it be a sort of "Judgement Day" scenario?
  10. CyanStargazer

    Gigahaus Class Speculation

    I did find it a bit funny though in Memento Mori as the dead went, "Okay we chased living now we're just chilling. Oh? Something else is killing the living? FIGHT PARTY!"
  11. CyanStargazer

    Another Haus Idea

    Sort of like the Vampire in Deadhaus? Jack of all trades, master of none, but can choose to specialize in one area a bit more than the other areas.
  12. CyanStargazer

    Another Haus Idea

    That does sound like a good idea. However I can't remember if there was already a discussion about a Feyhaus. I remember doing some looking around a fictional creatures awhile ago and found out that goblins are technically fey creatures. Though it does sound just as good for a goblinhaus, I can...
  13. CyanStargazer

    Another Haus Idea

    That sort of reminds me of a theory in Demon Souls. Because in the game you have the Cleric faction and the Sorcerer faction. Clerics get their powers from praying to god, and Sorcerers use soul magic made by Demons. I think one Talisman you can get in the game hints that the Old One, the...
  14. CyanStargazer

    [Suggestion] Puzzle types

    Okay yeah I see it you do just have to shoot the wine. But seems like a lot of people think that the puzzle might be bugged or just deliberately set up to make players waste ammo. But yeah you do just have to shoot the wine.
  15. CyanStargazer

    [Suggestion] Puzzle types

    No the Wine was the last one to shoot. The other ones had to be shot first before the wine.
  16. CyanStargazer

    Another Haus Idea

    Ah such as while a werewolf might have more raw damage behind each swing, a werepanther might have faster movement and attacks. While a Werewolf might knock a mans head off with one blow, the panther might make a wider slash that hits more enemies but deals a bit less damage.
  17. CyanStargazer

    [Suggestion] Puzzle types

    One puzzle I like that I haven't seen replicated is the Painting puzzle in Resident Evil 4. Where you're given a verse with the order of a feast, on one side of the room is a painting, you have to shoot the food on the painting in the correct order to open a door. Something similar, where you...
  18. CyanStargazer

    Another Haus Idea

    I just see "Goatmen" and I have flashbacks to the goatmen enemies in Path of Exile. But to add to that, you could also have a fun split in a more defensive style with a Bear man (Because wow bears are tanky) and a more offensive style with a sort of Honey Badger human hybrid.
  19. CyanStargazer

    What game should we play next?

    I'd love to see Eternal Darkness.
  20. CyanStargazer

    Elder Gods are Giant Alien Turtles

    The name of this thread just made me think of the Disc worlds giant space turtle, the Great A'tuin. But in regards to why gods would mess with people, I'd imagine it's because they're bored. I have a hard time keeping myself satisfied for long amounts of time, so imagine if you had to keep...