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  1. Sailor Midgard

    Deadhaus/Apocalypse Meme Stockpile

    I'm just gonna leave this here. Sorry bout the image quality. ( If someone already did this one let me know)
  2. Sailor Midgard

    [Suggestion] Damage Types & Item Attributes

    One thing we may wanna look at was the abilities from one of Denis's earlier games Too Human. There were quite a few weapon stats, special abilities and effects in that game. In one stream I asked if we were going to see some similar stats and Denis said yes so looking to that list may shed some...
  3. Sailor Midgard

    The Banshee

    Since we know that multiple build styles of most classes will most likely be a thing then I think a path that is the opposite would be fun. Something like a AOE de buff class , where the fear builds slower but over more enemies. A banshees who wants people to look at them, very out there kind of...
  4. Sailor Midgard

    Merchandise Ideas

    I think for the Revenant we could use the shield from the Hatred Armor set as a keychain or something similar. Could also do with shirts with the current class characters on them. I would definitely where a shirt with the two Revenants on it standing back to back or something. Looking at the...
  5. Sailor Midgard

    Xeno Haus Ideas

    I agree on the low tech thing, something as simple or organic (to the game) as possible. Portals would be a really good way for them to get around, maybe that could even be used as a mechanic, hopping around the map. That would also maybe allow those of us from Nogosaua to travel elsewhere...
  6. Sailor Midgard

    Xeno Haus Ideas

    Hey everyone! Since it's come up a couple of times, I figured we could start the fun! This house would be mostly based on those things strange even in the world of Nogosaua. Be they from another reality or simply just another world, they are things hard to be prepared for. The abilities those...
  7. Sailor Midgard


    An Idea for the parasite/symbiote you could have each piece of armor being a different creature to itself that you have to feed in order to power them up. Like a weapon being a different creature that you need to feed, and then chest slot armor, that kinda thing. Then you could send them out...
  8. Sailor Midgard


    If your phylactery were to be damaged or destroyed it could lead to being stunned would be a good downside for that one. Also depending on what you chose as a familiar could decide how much essence you could put into it, larger or stronger being capable of housing more but moving slower. Another...
  9. Sailor Midgard


    I think you do several classes to get the different kinds you mentioned. You could do a Shaman for living combat familiars such as cats, wolves things like that. The familiar distracting the enemy while you cast spells. Then an enchanter or weapon master the could have multiple weapons going...
  10. Sailor Midgard

    Another Haus Idea

    Going off the werewolf - wolfman conundrum you could split it using skill trees. One skill tree leaning more towards the human side giving you a character that is still animalistic but mostly human (wolfman.) Then one that splits it down the middle so you get the werewolf and transformations...
  11. Sailor Midgard

    What are currently playing?

    Doom Eternal and To Human have become my current obsessions with a bit of Dragon Quest Builders thrown in to relax.
  12. Sailor Midgard

    Suggestion for Companion App (Mobile version) game alternatives

    You could also do a companion app that lets you interact with your house or fortress quest hub, like sending out scouts or some other kind of NPC that can return with random items like retainers in Final Fantasy 14 where it could be almost anything. They could also return with maps or...
  13. Sailor Midgard

    Weapon types

    You actually brought up a good point (with the weapon x comment oddly enough). What about natural weapons, like a class that through skill or other things, get longer claws, stronger bites, and that kind of thing?
  14. Sailor Midgard

    Highlights from the "Map Exploration" video

    On the Charsk subject of things, they may not slaughter them that often. Perhaps its a like a monthly thing where the undead come through for entertainment. Not neccessarily constant slaughter but very open when it does happen.
  15. Sailor Midgard

    Vote for which class you'd like to see next HERE!

    I would also have to say wight. As Livin said that one seems furthest from anything else we've seen so far. It'll also help to show off the essentials power, and give us a better idea of the different realms interactions and uses.
  16. Sailor Midgard

    In life, now in death.

    Thank you very much! I'm planning to do one in this same style for each character I make. Trying to show what their goals were in life and how death alters those goals and desires.
  17. Sailor Midgard

    In life, now in death.

    In life I craved a good death. One surrounded by the bodies of the fallen, the ring of metal upon metal, and the screams of battle. I craved to lay almost floating in a bog of blood, mine own and others. A death, that as I lay there, would come swift and screeching to snatch the last breath from...
  18. Sailor Midgard

    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    Blood Omen was my favorite because it was the first dark setting in a game I ever experienced. I loved playing Kain as he went from hating his curse to slowly enjoying his vampirism more and more. I also really enjoyed making little stories about the world, like why were there people chained up...