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  1. Gødflesh_88

    What are currently playing?

    I've been playing Shadowman 64 and its probably one of the most Gothic game on the console. Its almost pre-ED, but i'd say the gameplay is closer to a zelda or metroid game. Some of the chants and sounds are probably royalty free stuff that was also used in ED. Eventually I need to get the PC...
  2. Gødflesh_88

    Introducing Ages

    Loving the improvements on the assets and lighting. Almost looks like a gothic Too Human from this version of the build. its getting there (y)
  3. Gødflesh_88

    Deadhaus Sonata in 2020

    Hail brothers and sisters of the dead. Looking forward to future of this project.
  4. Gødflesh_88


    Also similar to the original Onimusha series as well. I need to play me some Genma Onimusha again lol
  5. Gødflesh_88

    A Spiritual Successor To Legacy of Kain

    Looking forward to this. Good job on the updated vampire model.
  6. Gødflesh_88

    What are currently playing?

    Diablo 1 vanilla on a XP laptop lol
  7. Gødflesh_88

    Player Companions

    Sounds cool. I once thought about having this as a companion lol
  8. Gødflesh_88

    Journey Into Darkness Live Stream

    really entertaining stream with guy sclanders
  9. Gødflesh_88

    Highlights from Deadhaus' Exclusively Games Mega Interview

    I lost it at giants on my initial view lol but good interview. I made it all the way through and I might watch it a few times to catch new things
  10. Gødflesh_88

    Exclusively Games Two Hour Mega Interview

    Awesome! lots of good info
  11. Gødflesh_88

    Steve Henifin (SK composer) has passed away

    Some of my favorite music from him
  12. Gødflesh_88


    unholy spirit bomb lol
  13. Gødflesh_88

    Highlights from Deadhaus' July 2019 Development Update

    Im glad the composer is bringing back those evil choir voices. Takes me back to the Eternal Darkness days.
  14. Gødflesh_88

    Highlights from Deadhaus' July 2019 Development Update

    Megaton late night update. I will have to sink into this video and read for days to come. Nice update
  15. Gødflesh_88

    Steve Henifin (SK composer) has passed away

    Wow I just seen this post, Very sad news indeed.:(
  16. Gødflesh_88

    Dream about Deadhaus Sonata's intro gameplay

    Wow thats a pretty good read. I saw the vision as gameplay as I was reading it.
  17. Gødflesh_88

    Too Human now backwards compatible on Xbox One

    This is one of the better things to happen this year. Brings back so many memories to revisit this game.
  18. Gødflesh_88


    This is going to be a great listen. Time to get some Tea :)👉🍵
  19. Gødflesh_88

    New info released: Press Kit Documentation

    Wow nice. thanks for the media posts. Definitely desktop background worthy
  20. Gødflesh_88

    The Cause of the Conflict

    I do like Theory 5. Similar to how Pious made his choice in the beginning of ED, other humans sought out the same or were chosen by higher powers.