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  1. Purple Gryphon

    Occult Blade Reveal

    The occult blades look like they are going to be a pain for the Revenants. Very cool design. Would love to dual-weld those blades as a vampire.
  2. Purple Gryphon

    Denis you wrestling in Home Depot? LOL

    </p>&mdash; NO CONTEXT HUMANS 👤 (@HumansNoContext) <a href="">March 13, 2023</a>
  3. Purple Gryphon

    Suggestions for In-game executions!

    Vampire - Grabs enemy and bites their neck viciously, when the vampire pulls back the head pops off and the body staggers around for a few seconds before ragdolling to the ground. PC lifts the enemy above their head and rips them apart as they get showered in blood.
  4. Purple Gryphon

    What are currently playing?

    Anyone looking for a short game with atmosphere should check out Scorn. It is kind of a walking sim but the art and design is worth a trip. Also has some interesting puzzles and body horror. Got to play it for free with Gamepass.
  5. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    I just remembered an action game that went from face buttons to attack to the triggers/bumpers. God of War 4 At first, I did not like it because it was new and I was used to God of War using the face buttons for attacking. But GoW4 went to an over the shoulder 3rd person view and it made...
  6. Purple Gryphon

    Feedback for Version 0.1.17

    E and spacebar are the same but it could be different if you have a different selection of cards. Right now they have the mist form tarot active and it alters how the dodge works. But if you had a different mix of tarots and none that altered how your dodge works, you would have a basic dodge...
  7. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    Thanks for the update @Denis Dyack That will be an update I will really be looking forward to. Can definitely feel the game improving and it is cool to be so intimate with the process. With most games, you get a demo/beta and you only get minor changes from the demo to release. Even when...
  8. Purple Gryphon

    Feedback for Version 0.1.17

    I was also getting the game crashing bug in version 1.16 but now seems to be loading correctly. But did get some other interesting bugs. Most of which deal with the armor. I did not get a picture of it but I picked up some leg armor when in the Magic state and they were still colored like...
  9. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    Thanks for the kind comments. I have played a bit more with the controller it feels better but still not as good as I think it would with this alternate set-up. Lock-on targetting is better but not as smooth as with the mouse. Switching targets in a fight is also difficult as you can't look...
  10. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    Thanks for the comments @Varik Keldun I agree the controller is more comfortable to use but I did not find it as much fun/engaging as the mouse and keyboard ("MNK"). It felt like I was fighting the controller more than it working with me. It was really disappointing because I was expecting...
  11. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    I am glad my pre-emptive comment worked as intended. :D I am more comfortable with a controller but taking my finger off of the right stick to enter all commands made the game feel much clunkier, especially the lock-on mechanic versus the scroll wheel click.
  12. Purple Gryphon

    Control Scheme on Controller

    I finally played with a controller and I did not like it. It definitely did not feel as good as using a mouse and keyboard. It is not that the mouse and keyboard are more accurate as this is not a shooter and you have auto-lock, it was the button command choices. I understand why the choices...
  13. Purple Gryphon

    Impression after 1.5 and 1.6

    First Impression on the Bloodbath Demo played on 4/6 These are my early thoughts and in no order of importance. In my first playthrough, I only watched the tarot card video and jumped in like a noob to see what I could figure out. I have not played with Keyboard and mouse in a long time. For...
  14. Purple Gryphon

    Ipols' feedback

    Yeah if timed correctly you could decapitate multiple weak enemies in a row. They also said morale or fear would play a role in gameplay. You could stalk a group of patrolling troops then swoop in grab one and take them to a wall to feed. The others would hear the screams, breaking of armour...
  15. Purple Gryphon

    Ipols' feedback

    All I have to say is Ninja Gaiden. The ability to wall run and climb gave the combat more variety and allowed for tactical movement. vertically has been mentioned in this game and this would be a good way to do it. The ability to wall run to a dash attack, backstab or stealth kill would be a...
  16. Purple Gryphon

    Apocalypse Studios raises seed funding from Tyr for Deadhaus Sonata game

    There are not too many more appropriately named organizations that could have funded this project. This only increases my hope of seeing more of Too Human :D
  17. Purple Gryphon

    Blood Poll

    The level of blood on the floor is good. Maybe even a little less. But what I find missing is the blood on the bodies. The armor and clothes don't look blood-stained/soaked. Also, Zorin is too clean, after slaughtering a platoon he should have some blood splatter on him and his weapon. I don't...
  18. Purple Gryphon

    Making of the O3DE Tech Demo

    Ok, I was wondering because the video made it sound like the demo was available now.
  19. Purple Gryphon

    The Account of Dr. Leopold Narret

    I am not going to lie.......That was was totally amazing. We are not worthy. Really great job everyone it sounds so good. This is an amazing project and happy you all implemented it. Can't wait to hear the rest of these. Now I feel even more pressure for my recording. ugh