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    New logo voting

    Love the sleek new design!
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    Weapon / Armor skins

    Now i'm as big a fan of swords and armor as the next guy, but let's show some love to the other weapons out there! Glaives! Katar! Battle Axes! And why not, whips! anything that strikes a nice balance between elegant and grungy is killer for me.
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    What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

    A couple people know this story already. I know the exact date when I was introduced to Legacy of Kain. It was January 25th, 2003, and my best friend had gotten Blood Omen 2 for the Gamecube for this birthday. It was the first game that really truly frightened me, enough that I didn't want to...
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    Best/Funniest Moments in a game

    beware, me and my friends swear like sailors, but there's few moments where I start wheezing like this
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    Affiliate Program Launch!

    Here's where the fun begins~ :cool:
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    Deadhaus Sonata - A Table Top Experience.

    I'd totally love to play / dm a Deadhaus game
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    When you get a raid asking about DHS!

    I've devoted a portion of my life to telling everyone I know about Legacy of Kain and everything related to it. I'm simply doing my part to spread the word and really get this ball rolling on this spiritual successor~! You ain't seen nothing yet. B)
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    [References] Ghoul - Ability Absorption in Other Games

    I've mentioned it in the stream earlier, but Kha'Zhix from League of Legends also has this sort of mechanic (Although it's not terribly in-depth, it is a MOBA afterall). In lore, Kha'Zix is a being from "The Void", your typical nightmare realm of rampant creation and eternal hunger, kind of...
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    What classes would you like to see in Deadhaus?

    This thread has been dormant for awhile, but I'd really like to see maybe something like Gargoyles to fit the gothic Aesthetic? Perhaps the lore could be that they're servants of greater undead created by imbuing stone statues with lost souls. They have very little magical potential but are...
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    Merchandise Ideas

    I would love some enamel pins of some Haus logos.
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    PvP Human Classes

    I adore that idea, Angels or some sort of Divine champions dishing out harsh, merciless justice on humanity. Humanity's saviors falling on them instead is almost a scarier idea than the undead. Maybe the classes could take some inspiration from old testament depictions of angelic beings where...