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  1. Vesrael

    Post Anything Here About the Demo

    Ahoy ! So for my first session I've played approximatively 30 minutes, didn't watched any video. Directly into action like a random player. So the few things I've noticed : -A sound/settings menu would be great just to adjust the volume. -The character can move during the bat animation -The...
  2. Vesrael

    Community choice: Vote for the Blood Moon Werebat form!

    I said it hahaha ! I was making the comparison between the 2 forms. Actually I haven't said anything there soon here's a little post. I've voted for the first form, the artwork make the wings looks like clothes/cape like I've said on Discord. The form looks like a noble and majestic creature...
  3. Vesrael

    The Book of the Damned

    Thank you, I'm glad you like my work :D So does that means I'm a real Lich now?
  4. Vesrael

    World Anvil Articles For Curation

    Ahoy ! My first submission: "The Book of the Damned" - Document
  5. Vesrael

    The Book of the Damned

    I've made another update :D I've also made few corrections to the previous part of the book.
  6. Vesrael

    The Book of the Damned

    Another update ! I've added a description of the book and a few information about it!
  7. Vesrael

    The Book of the Damned

    Little update
  8. Vesrael

    The Book of the Damned

    The Book of the Damned The book of the Damned is definitely the most egotistical creation of the Archlich himself; it contains all of his madness, his hatred, and his darkest memories. The book itself is an abomination; at first, it appears like a normal book made of black leather and metal...
  9. Vesrael

    User Submissions for DHS World Anvil

    Username : Vesrael Link :