1. Cat2D

    Get ready for Cyber Monday!

    I fixed this 😉 This Cyber Monday, purchasing merch or a founder’s pack comes with a bonus 250 platinum, a forum badge, and an in-game exclusive hammer cosmetic, covered in meat-pie for all head-splattering needs. BROWSE THE STORE Proof of merch will be required and may be sent to...
  2. Cat2D

    1 day left to get Immemorial Status and Bonus Platinum

    * UPDATED * Trick or Treat! 🎃👻🧟‍♂️ We made a scary error, so enjoy an extension on our terror! You can still get Immemorial status for 3 more days! Normal Immemorial Risen 300 600 Havoc & Malice 500 1000 Legacy Scholar 1250 2500 Herald of the Dead 2500 5000 Malleus Odium...