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  1. Golden Xan

    New Info Released - Skill System

    Hey everyone, The skill system was explained today, March 17th, 2021. These are the main highlights of the stream: The interface: You can see the trinary state representation with the Red Lady statue on the left, with 7 ability slots being shown: Left Mouse Button (LMB), Right Mouse...
  2. Golden Xan

    World Anvil Articles For Curation

    This thread is used exclusively to track what articles are ready for curation. Once curated, articles will be categorized and published on the DHS World Anvil page. For instructions on how to become a Writer and contribute your own articles, visit the User Submissions for DHS World Anvil...
  3. Golden Xan

    User Submissions for DHS World Anvil

    World Anvil is a set of worldbuilding tools that helps create, organize, and store world settings. With wiki-like articles, interactive maps, historical timelines, cross references and a full novel-writing software, it has many tools for Deadhaus to build and expand its universe for all to see...
  4. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] The Binding

    Hey everyone, This is my first origin story for a Wraith. I don't intend it to be my character's origin story, though, it's simply something I wanted to write down. I hope you'll find it enjoyable. Warning: strong depictions of torture, suffering, butchery, loss of sanity and emotional loss...
  5. CyanStargazer

    Which Undead are you most interested in

    Since the Ghoul Reveal I saw a bunch of people swapped from Vampire to Ghoul, and maybe even a few others. So I though getting a show of hands for who is interested in what undead would be nice. This is for all 7 of them.
  6. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] The dual music for Deadhaus

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about what genre the music of Deadhaus could be like, and these are my considerations. The lines that separate music genres blend quite a lot, so it's difficult to classify what a song belongs to. Heavy metal from one band or orchestra is going to be quite...
  7. Golden Xan

    Hi, I am Golden Xan, Deadhaus' community liaison

    Hey everyone :) On our latest stream of January 6, 2021, Denis introduced my participation on the streams in an official capacity. As I am to be one of the community's links to the development team, with more illustrious members still to come (we are eagerly waiting for you, @Faceless Mike), I...
  8. Golden Xan

    Stream Discussions - What would you like to see in future streams?

    Hey everyone :) This is the thread in which you can tell us what you would like to see covered in future streams. You can give us your feedback about the previous streams or give your suggestions for the ones to come. Everything is on the table; content, pacing, length, font, chilling, stream...
  9. Golden Xan

    New Info Released: Ghoul Art Reveal - December 30th

    Hey everyone, December 30 came and went and together with it we had the Ghoul art reveal stream. Here are the images shown and every other bit I noticed. The most characteristic features of the Ghoul seem to be stretched limbs, ripped skin, protruding bones, curved posture...
  10. CyanStargazer

    Your First Undead

    I figured that getting a good idea of what each person might want to play as might generate some community hype and talks going about possible class/undead interactions.
  11. Golden Xan

    Year-End Review Summary (December 2, 2020)

    Hey everyone, Here is a summary of every major aspect mentioned in Deadhaus Sonata Year-End Review video on December 2, 2020: - @Cat2D worked with Denis at Silicon Knights a long time ago, and she returned to work at Apocalypse Studios in the management of the community and social media...
  12. CyanStargazer

    Dangers of your True Name Discussion

    So I remembered earlier today that Denis, Jack, and others teased that letting your characters True Name leak out might be devastating. I thought that since it seems like we haven't had any sort of discussion about it we might as well start. Given that Names, especially True Names seemingly have...
  13. Golden Xan

    New info released: 2nd Art Reveal - 28th of October

    Hey everyone, Here is everything that was revealed to us in the second art reveal on October 28. Interface This is the Vampire's state and meter representation. The statue is the Red Lady, shown in the previous stream, covered by a sheet. The statue holds a sphere, representing your...
  14. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] The Ghouling Pit

    Hey everyone, I've decided to write this new fan fiction entry in an attempt to reach Grim Scribe--and have fun. I hope you like it! William the librarian Note written in a torn sheet of paper from a yellowed incomplete ledger. Dear Margaret, Much have I depended on my wandering mind to...
  15. Golden Xan

    New info released: Class Page Updates - 14th of October

    Hey everyone, I noticed some updates on the classes page. Not sure when they were effectuated, but there are some small details that I'd like to bring about. For the first time, the classes page now has all the classes listed and it is currently possible to access a unique page for each of...
  16. Golden Xan

    Deadhaus Sonata Art Reveal Countdown Images

    Hey everyone, Most of us by now are aware of the countdown going on in Deadhaus Sonata's social medias. As well as the countdown available on the website's main page. The devs have informed us that they intend to reveal the new art direction the game is gonna go through, but I believe they...
  17. Golden Xan

    New logo voting

    Hey everyone, There's this new logo that Deadhaus is using on its social media. I want to get a few votes on what you guys think of this change, overall. This is what it used to be: This is what it is now: This is what the new logo looks when smaller: I personally think this new logo...
  18. Denis Dyack

    ‘Deadhaus Sonata’ has ambition to create a ‘Dungeon & Dragons’ experience via streaming

    Hot off the press, where I discuss Deep Social Media Integration, Interactive Streaming and Community-Driven Content. Check it out!
  19. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] Dungeon Keeper (DSMI)

    Hey everyone, Some time ago I was pondering over how it would be possible to make a streaming integration where a viewer helps guide the players through a level, and I kept remembering how I initially thought of the concept as opposing the players instead of helping them. The examples of this...
  20. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] Mad Merchant God of Deadhaus (DSMI)

    Hey everyone, Denis has mentioned multiple times that stream viewers may be able to interact with the players by taking the roles of various characters... such as merchants. He also suggested that viewers might be able to interact by controlling the voice of the characters. Speaking on their...