1. GamerX51

    Vampire - Deadhaus Alliance?

    Hi all, new guy here! I have a question about the Vampire's alliance with Deadhaus; Why would they need Deadhaus? It seems to me that they were doing just fine for themselves before Deadhaus, (excepting the occasional anti-vampire inquisition) and if Deadhaus actually wins the war the Vampires...
  2. CyanStargazer

    Which Undead are you most interested in

    Since the Ghoul Reveal I saw a bunch of people swapped from Vampire to Ghoul, and maybe even a few others. So I though getting a show of hands for who is interested in what undead would be nice. This is for all 7 of them.
  3. CyanStargazer

    Your First Undead

    I figured that getting a good idea of what each person might want to play as might generate some community hype and talks going about possible class/undead interactions.
  4. CyanStargazer

    Dangers of your True Name Discussion

    So I remembered earlier today that Denis, Jack, and others teased that letting your characters True Name leak out might be devastating. I thought that since it seems like we haven't had any sort of discussion about it we might as well start. Given that Names, especially True Names seemingly have...
  5. Denis Dyack

    Be a guest on our reveal stream on the 30th!

    WE WANT YOU! We are looking for members of the Deadhaus Sonata community to join us on our reveal stream on September 30th at 4 pm EDT. If all goes well it should be a simulcast on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. You will be featured as a guest with full video and interaction during the stream...
  6. S

    Our community has spoken!

    Starting tonight, we will begin our play through of Bloodborne! Join us at 4PM EST, get your Deadhaus questions answered by our Director and enter to win a Risen founders pack!
  7. S

    Take a look at our new Merch Store!

    We’ve updated our merch store! See our latest designs, products and receive 15% off your first order!
  8. S

    June 2020 Roadmap Update

    Join our Director and CEO Denis Dyack as he provides an update to our Roadmap and reveals new forum badges! Update: The Ageless (1000 additional platinum ($100 value) when you buy any founders pack) promotion will end on July 1, 2020.
  9. CyanStargazer

    Which class will you play first?

    So I thought, given the discussion from this morning, we could find out who wants to play what class when DHS comes out. Feel free to put your vote down if you want.
  10. S

    Memento Mori Contest Winners and Answers

    That's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who entered into our Memento Mori contest! Have a look at our latest video for contest answers and our winners!
  11. Phil Haymes

    Deadhaus Sonata Wallpapers

  12. S

    More Contest Hints!

    Hi Everyone! We have some more contest hints for you! The homages come from the following titles: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, Too Human, Too Human: Rise of the Giants Remember, the first 10 people to find all 5 homages and email us at will win a...
  13. S

    UPDATE: Adopt-A-Cat Program

    Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to remove our timeline restrictions for adoption! Whether you adopted a cat yesterday or 10+ years ago, we appreciate giving your furry friend a forever home! Remember to tweet your friend with #CatsofDHS, DM us proof of adoption and we’ll give you a...
  14. Golden Xan

    Highlights from Deadhaus' Exclusively Games Mega Interview

    Hey everyone, Recently we were graced with a two hour long interview with some of Deadhaus' developers and Exclusively Games. This is an interview I've been looking forward to watching since a few months ago, and it did not disappoint. Since the interview is far too long, I'll refrain from...
  15. Golden Xan

    New info released: Undead Classes

    Hello everyone, @Denis Dyack informed us on another thread about the addition of a new page on the website: Undead Classes As usual, I'm going to list the most prominent content here and add my own remarks to it. Death as the Undead The death system in Deadhaus Sonata was designed to be...
  16. Golden Xan

    Highlights from Deadhaus' July 2019 Development Update

    Apocalypse released a new video, as shown here. I'll leave it below for reference. In sequence, I'm going to showcase what I believe to be some of the highlights from the video. Highlights 0:18 - Overhauling the artwork Some time ago Apocalypse decided to extend the development by 6 months...
  17. Golden Xan

    Dream about Deadhaus Sonata's intro gameplay

    Hey everyone, Today I had a dream, and it was about Deadhaus, so I decided to share it here. In my dream, my vision accompanied two men talking to each other walking in a corridor. They seemed to be in a gaming convention such as E3, and one of them worked in Apocalypse Studios. He was...
  18. Golden Xan

    Character Mana Type Speculation

    Hello everyone, I want to share here and talk about some ideas I've had on how each character's mana type might be like in the game. Note that I have no clue as to what they will actually be like upon release and don't even have a reason to believe any of them might be replicated in the game...
  19. Golden Xan

    New info released: Press Kit Documentation

    Hey guys, we've got a few more stuff from Deadhaus revealed. I'm going to post them here for easier access and discussion. We've got some images from the game, concept art, renderings, wallpapers, logos and a small PDF document in the Press Kit. The PDF document can be found here, but it...