1. Golden Xan


    The metallic clicking of our armor broke the silence of that eerie night as we patroled the cobbled streets in search of a rumored undead on the loose. I squeezed the handle of my sheeted sword firmly; I have uncaringly patrolled towns surrounding the capital countless times, but that night we...
  2. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] The Binding

    Hey everyone, This is my first origin story for a Wraith. I don't intend it to be my character's origin story, though, it's simply something I wanted to write down. I hope you'll find it enjoyable. Warning: strong depictions of torture, suffering, butchery, loss of sanity and emotional loss...
  3. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] My first 3 characters' backgrounds

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I stayed up until late, not able to sleep, as I kept somewhat involuntarily thinking about what would be the backstory of my first 3 characters. I wanted to write it down here, and only now did I have a chance to do so. Keep in mind that these backstories are not...