1. Ipols

    Ipols' feedback

    Things I like: -The introduction videos were quite satisfying to watch and were paced properly. In the "core features" video, Denis refers to users "larping" through twitch, which is technically incorrect since the verb implies physical presence of the person larping. -Extremely happy with...
  2. A

    Stream Feedback

    We want your feedback! Let us know how often or the type of stream you enjoy the most! Vote or comment or both. 👻
  3. Golden Xan

    Stream Discussions - What would you like to see in future streams?

    Hey everyone :) This is the thread in which you can tell us what you would like to see covered in future streams. You can give us your feedback about the previous streams or give your suggestions for the ones to come. Everything is on the table; content, pacing, length, font, chilling, stream...
  4. Golden Xan

    Things I'd like NOT to see in Deadhaus

    Hey everyone, When we talk about other games, we usually point out things they've done right, experiences that we enjoyed and that we'd like to see replicated or expanded upon. But there is another facet to that, which are the things we did not like in games. I'll take this opportunity to...
  5. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] Puzzle types

    Hey everyone, On our latest Community Roundtable, on the 2nd of March, @Jalen.P asked for suggestions in regards to potential puzzles we'd like to see in the game. I'm here to start this conversation and introduce some of my own expectations and ideas. When it comes to puzzles, I've identified...
  6. Golden Xan

    Suggestion for Strategic Meta Gameplay on DHS

    Hey everyone, I've been thinking about potential ways that Deadhaus could have some overarching meta gameplay, such as a faction war, for some time now. On yesterday's stream Denis answered a question about the Elder Gods. He mentioned that they all have their own hierarchy system and politics...
  7. Golden Xan

    Feedback on the 6st Stream

    Hey everyone, I have some quick comments to make regarding the last stream on February 21. I don't have a YouTube to link it right now, but here is the Twitch link to the video: EDIT: The video is now available on YouTube. Here it is. 1...
  8. Golden Xan

    Feedback on the Founders Packs

    Hey everyone, I'm reposting the messages I've sent on Discord about this subject more organized, here. "To be honest, while I'm happy to be able to potentially acquire a Founders Pack and participate of the First Age, I typically never liked the idea of having time-limited opportunities in...
  9. Golden Xan

    Feedback on the 3rd stream

    Hey everyone, Excuse me if this isn't the proper forum category to post this, I thought it would be the most fitting. I've re-watched the stream twice now to see if I picked up everything properly and there are a few general things I'd like to comment on. Also, I'll be replying to Denis that...