1. Mortis

    The Contract: "Oh, Yes"

    Apocalypse has given us a new episode of Alaric’s journey.There's a lot that was revealed. Spoilers ahead! The dead’s territory is south of the Deadhaus gates. When the dead attack, the gates don't open nor do they use boats. A fog appears, and they come out of it. According to the...
  2. Mortis

    Early Image of Liche In Game

  3. Mortis

    Liches In Media (and What I’d Like To See In Deadhaus)

    I've played a few games and seen some shows that include liches. They're usually made pretty similarly, being undead creatures that wield magic and inspire terror. This is the Archlich in the game Skul. This one is aesthetically the best of the examples I have. The skull has three eyes...
  4. Mortis

    XP In DHS, and How It Is Calculated.

    I plan on making a follow up post to this when the game comes out, but this is just some questions and speculation. So in Deadhaus Sonata, there's tarot cards which represent your abilities. Within the card, there will be a kind of skill tree which will augment how the ability behaves. How do...
  5. Mortis

    Messages of a Vampire Lord

    From public pages of the Vampire Lord Wilard’s letters Dear — This day in particular was the most…exhilarating I have had in a long while. As you know, the village that I have laid claim to offers up their livestock in exchange for my permission to continue living in this area. We had reached...
  6. Mortis

    Liches: Phylacteries, Sub Classes, and Lich Vessels?

    Do you think that we'll have any control over the Liche's phylactery? This is the item a Liche binds its soul to so it may be immortal. So it would be pretty cool to have a phylactery be some kind of weapon, or a shiny relic. I'd want mine to be a gemstone in a crypt, held by a statue of a...
  7. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] Liche Spell Casting System

    Hey everyone, I would like to share some thoughts on what the magick system in Deadhaus could be like, especially for magick-focused classes such as the Liche, tying the words of power system from Eternal Darkness, the Tarot Cards in DHS, and even some Blood Omen in between. Before I talk...
  8. Sorgin

    A Jackal [Fanfic]

    I. His mother had called him Jacob, but that was in another life - when he had use for such concepts as names. Gabrielle’s little boy was long gone, not even the eyes he looked through were entirely his own now. All that remains of that willful youth is his ambition, a great hunger. Seldom...
  9. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] My first 3 characters' backgrounds

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I stayed up until late, not able to sleep, as I kept somewhat involuntarily thinking about what would be the backstory of my first 3 characters. I wanted to write it down here, and only now did I have a chance to do so. Keep in mind that these backstories are not...