1. Mortis

    The Gambit: "Dig Deep, Drink Water"

    Another episode of Alaric's chronicles has been released with a little bit of a lore dump and some fun dialogue. Alaric notes that the blood seems to recognize the messenger’s authority above his own. The blood seems to be influenced greatly by many different things. The Soul Pillar’s magick...
  2. Mortis

    The Pillar, The Prisoner, The Child, : "Liches..."

    The newest episode just released, and it’s a whopping 51 minutes long. This post is expected to be long as well. A few people said it did help with reading by color coding my personal thoughts, so I'll try that again. Spoilers ahead. This episode starts a few days after the last. Alaric...
  3. Mortis

    The Hallowed: EVEN THE HORSES?!

    These radioplays are getting so so good. The story is so compelling and so rich in information about the world. Like some others have mentioned, the sound effects in this radioplay are amazing. Insects, flesh tearing, groaning Wights. Also, I really appreciate how intelligent Alaric is. He did...
  4. Mortis

    Alaric, The Damned: Excitement and Disappointment

    This is my full thoughts on the newest episode. Respond here or discord with your thoughts. I am extremely impressed by the direction of the chronicles thus far. Alaric goes to great lengths to discover any weaknesses the undead may have. He discovers how to make undead of his own. He then...
  5. Denis Dyack

    Of Power

    In this episode, entitled 'Of Power,' we follow Alaric as he "makes" a new friend. Credits: Alaric - George Ledoux Ghoul - Matthew Curtis Servant - Matthew Curtis News Letter: Website: Discord: Support...
  6. Denis Dyack

    Of Luck!

    In this episode, entitled 'Of Luck' we follow Alaric as he "renovates" his laboratory.
  7. Denis Dyack

    Of Bloodlines

    In this episode, entitled 'Of Bloodlines' we follow Alaric as he reminisces over a drink. Credits: Alaric - George Ledoux Ghoul - Matthew Curtis Remember to jump over to our live stream after this today @ 4 pm EST. News Letter: Website...
  8. Denis Dyack

    Of Morsels

    In this episode, we follow Alaric as he escorts a guest to the capital.