story and lore

  1. Denis Dyack

    Of Luck!

    In this episode, entitled 'Of Luck' we follow Alaric as he "renovates" his laboratory.
  2. Sailor Midgard

    Lore of the Arena

    This is a discussion about the arena "lore" wise. Not for ideas to improve it. For that forum head over to for any ideas to improve or add to gameplay. This post is for discussing anything that may add to the lore of...
  3. Golden Xan

    World Anvil Articles For Curation

    This thread is used exclusively to track what articles are ready for curation. Once curated, articles will be categorized and published on the DHS World Anvil page. For instructions on how to become a Writer and contribute your own articles, visit the User Submissions for DHS World Anvil...
  4. Golden Xan

    User Submissions for DHS World Anvil

    World Anvil is a set of worldbuilding tools that helps create, organize, and store world settings. With wiki-like articles, interactive maps, historical timelines, cross references and a full novel-writing software, it has many tools for Deadhaus to build and expand its universe for all to see...
  5. Golden Xan

    Ashen Ring Inscribing

    Hey everyone, This is the symbol of the Ashen Ring, an order of Templars. It was revealed on the Of Revenants - I radio play. Does anyone who knows Futhark would like to translate the meaning behind this inscribing?
  6. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] The Ghouling Pit

    Hey everyone, I've decided to write this new fan fiction entry in an attempt to reach Grim Scribe--and have fun. I hope you like it! William the librarian Note written in a torn sheet of paper from a yellowed incomplete ledger. Dear Margaret, Much have I depended on my wandering mind to...
  7. Golden Xan

    [References] Banshee - Lore Sources & Facts

    Hey everyone, In an attempt at finding meaningful lore to use for inspiration when making suggestions, I have looked for lore deep in history of the classes in Deadhaus. I decided to focus, first, on the Banshee. In my search, I've encountered many interesting stories and found various...
  8. Golden Xan

    Suggestion for Companion App (Mobile version) game alternatives

    Hey everyone, Last night I was thinking about the mobile version of Deadhaus and I came to think about the possibility of having a completely different game of maybe even another genre in the mobile version. Developing a separate game at the same time may not sound like the best idea, but I...
  9. Golden Xan

    Highlights from the "Map Exploration" video

    Hey everyone, Apocalypse released a new weekly video titled "Map Exploration" where @Jalen.P gave us a little bit of lore behind some of the locations they have planned for the world of Deadhaus. I'm going to breakdown what I believe to be the most interesting aspects of the lore on this video...
  10. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] My first 3 characters' backgrounds

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I stayed up until late, not able to sleep, as I kept somewhat involuntarily thinking about what would be the backstory of my first 3 characters. I wanted to write it down here, and only now did I have a chance to do so. Keep in mind that these backstories are not...