story and lore

  1. Golden Xan

    Suggestion for Companion App (Mobile version) game alternatives

    Hey everyone, Last night I was thinking about the mobile version of Deadhaus and I came to think about the possibility of having a completely different game of maybe even another genre in the mobile version. Developing a separate game at the same time may not sound like the best idea, but I...
  2. Golden Xan

    Highlights from the "Map Exploration" video

    Hey everyone, Apocalypse released a new weekly video titled "Map Exploration" where @Jalen.P gave us a little bit of lore behind some of the locations they have planned for the world of Deadhaus. I'm going to breakdown what I believe to be the most interesting aspects of the lore on this video...
  3. Golden Xan

    My first 3 characters' backgrounds

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I stayed up until late, not able to sleep, as I kept somewhat involuntarily thinking about what would be the backstory of my first 3 characters. I wanted to write it down here, and only now did I have a chance to do so. Keep in mind that these backstories are not...