1. Mortis

    The Hallowed: EVEN THE HORSES?!

    These radioplays are getting so so good. The story is so compelling and so rich in information about the world. Like some others have mentioned, the sound effects in this radioplay are amazing. Insects, flesh tearing, groaning Wights. Also, I really appreciate how intelligent Alaric is. He did...
  2. Mortis

    XP In DHS, and How It Is Calculated.

    I plan on making a follow up post to this when the game comes out, but this is just some questions and speculation. So in Deadhaus Sonata, there's tarot cards which represent your abilities. Within the card, there will be a kind of skill tree which will augment how the ability behaves. How do...
  3. Mortis

    Alaric, The Damned: Excitement and Disappointment

    This is my full thoughts on the newest episode. Respond here or discord with your thoughts. I am extremely impressed by the direction of the chronicles thus far. Alaric goes to great lengths to discover any weaknesses the undead may have. He discovers how to make undead of his own. He then...
  4. Mortis

    Messages of a Vampire Lord

    From public pages of the Vampire Lord Wilard’s letters Dear — This day in particular was the most…exhilarating I have had in a long while. As you know, the village that I have laid claim to offers up their livestock in exchange for my permission to continue living in this area. We had reached...
  5. Denis Dyack

    Public Playtest For Deadhaus Sonata

    Play Bloodbath Combat Demo Now! We are excited to announce the Deadhaus Sonata Playtest for a limited time only. Play as the Vampire Class with rogue-lite elements to see how long you can survive in the Blood Bath Area. Demo Features: Play as the Vampire Class: Slay, decapitate, and consume...
  6. Faceless Mike

    Name the Vampire POLL!

    Members of the Haus, The Herald has chosen your suggestions for the newest member of the Vampire Brood to join the Ranks of Deadhaus. Now it is up to YOU to decide. On June 28th the Speakers of the Haus will close the Poll and a name shall be decided.
  7. A

    Fan Art Contest: Team Vampire

    🧛 Enter our #TeamVampire fan art contest for a chance to win a Legacy Scholar Founder Pack! Rules: Submit your art on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag us. This could include a video, writings, drawings or any type of art related to our vampires. Must include #DeadhausSonata...
  8. Golden Xan

    New Info Released - Skill System

    Hey everyone, The skill system was explained today, March 17th, 2021. These are the main highlights of the stream: The interface: You can see the trinary state representation with the Red Lady statue on the left, with 7 ability slots being shown: Left Mouse Button (LMB), Right Mouse...
  9. shinybri

    Changes in Vampire Class

    I'm going back to some older videos to try to fill in any gaps in knowledge I still have, and I'm wondering exactly how much of things have changed. With the new vampire reveal, is the old "Meet the Vampire Class" video on YouTube now obsolete? The original design looks very Kain-esque...
  10. Jack Lindsey

    Class Descriptions and Seven Suns

    As per your requests, I have amended the vampire and revenant class descriptions to be more in line with the other classes in terms of length. They are now visible on the Classes section of the Explore tab. There is also a new version of "Seven Suns in Twilight" in the Necrolibriatas. As always...
  11. Golden Xan

    [Fanfiction] My first 3 characters' backgrounds

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I stayed up until late, not able to sleep, as I kept somewhat involuntarily thinking about what would be the backstory of my first 3 characters. I wanted to write it down here, and only now did I have a chance to do so. Keep in mind that these backstories are not...