1. Denis Dyack

    Meet the creators: Apocalypse Studios

    Check out our latest feature with our good friends at =AZXbAXK3E0Td-6r6ZdmHoLPrIgM23SiJT_0yDLKb9OsO7pOmfvDlwVAn0z0t8-BbY-mFCVM_ppLxiIma3bW3lv3ZNLPM1PEqAErVakQRwiCzmkfCwJrO3_ANYGrEOtmhQiTUc33wjR27tIftAFWaWtNF&__tn__=kK-R']Unity!
  2. Denis Dyack

    Be a guest on our reveal stream on the 30th!

    WE WANT YOU! We are looking for members of the Deadhaus Sonata community to join us on our reveal stream on September 30th at 4 pm EDT. If all goes well it should be a simulcast on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. You will be featured as a guest with full video and interaction during the stream...