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Jul 1, 2020
Here are a few idea for options for some of the Tarot Card Skills branches/minor choices I was thinking off and wanted to share.

- Exsanguinate -
1: The ability to drain more enemies at the cost of a lower amount of blood per target.
2: The ability to drain all 3 types of resources from a single target at the same time in all 3 states, at the cost of the the drain being less effective compared to how it is now.
3: If a Exsanguinate attack would be the killing blow on a enemy you could have that enemy resurrect as zombie/minion for a limited time, or such a kill could have a % chance to resurrect an enemy. ( ways to balance this could be it can't be used on boss type enemies, or any enemy loses all abilities/magic and weapons and can only strike you with their bare hands )

- Mist Form / dodge -
1: A Drastic reduction in cool down and mana spend to use the skill.
2: A Drastic increase in the length you travel while dodging ( maybe 3-5 times more ) so it can be used as some sort of traveling skill if the player so desires.
3: The Ability to dodge through enemies, and any enemy dodged through would suffer damage. ( this turns an otherwise defensive skill in to an offensive one )

- Dance Macabre -
1: An increase to the Attack Speed, maybe even at the detriment of the overall damage if the % of attack speed ends up being very high.
2: An added Life Steal effect to the card.
3: An increase to the damage from the skill, at a cost of a lower attack speed. Whenever this would negate the overall attack speed gain from the skill entirely or just partially would properly need testing. ( so instead of an increased attack speed with increased bloodlust you would gain a damage buff instead )

- Telekinesis -
1: The ability to target yourself and to use it to levitate yourself to places you normally don't have access to. ( turning a purely offensive skill in to mobility skill, this could be a way for players who choses not to use the Batform Tarot Card to still have ways to get up to places that are normally " out of reach "
2: The loss of the ability to fully charge a Telekinesis attack to gain a much more powerful knockback effect when you use the quick tap Telekinesis Attack.
3: Pyrokinesis, adding a burning type effect/damage over time effect on Telekinesis when you use the fully charged version of the Telekinesis Attack.

I think these options would be a great way to customize your character and make it fit the playstyle you desire while also making it unique by gives you several different interesting upgrade choices for your Tarot Card.
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You guys are of cause also more than welcome to come with some, or any feedback, suggestions or spit ball other idea's :)
When designing Minor Arcana, we are definitely leaning so far more to the side of variants than straight-up upgrades for the Tarots.

Increasing damage/range/speed is often a byproduct of either leveling the card, but not so much upgrading it. An example of a variant would be your suggestion number 2 for Exsanguinate, or 3 for Telekinesis.

Having reduced or no cooldown is something that I would like to see, and I believe most of them will not have those aspects. Some of these have received improvements, such as Mist Form's distance, but these are better left discussed in the Blood Bath section.
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