We are looking for members of the Deadhaus Sonata community to join us on our reveal stream on September 30th at 4 pm EDT. If all goes well it should be a simulcast on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

You will be featured as a guest with full video and interaction during the stream. This is not a stream to be shy! :)

  1. Be able to be on camera for the duration of the stream (No avatars)!
  2. Post a reason why you would like to be on the stream!
Please post here if you would like to join!
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Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack

If I can get a facecam working by then, I would not mind if I could be a guest. I am very excited for the game and really jealous of FacelessMike for getting to see the art want to see this community grow, plus, I want to be able to give my reaction in another medium than ALLCAPS CHAT MESSAGES as I did last stream.
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I would absolutely love to be involved!! I've already partnered up and am working on spreading the word within my community and I plan to have Deadhaus Sonata as one of my main games that I stream in the future. I know I just hopped on board recently but I'm doing my best to catch up on all of the news and info and it would be an honor to be involved in the very first unveiling.
Well, I could use a better face, but the one I've got will have to make do.
Been a great fan of LoK since always and even took a slight part in the late Blood Omnicide project. Would love to have the chance to interact with folks.
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1. I'm not confident enough to show my face
2. I don't really want to be on the stream

But cool for you guys to be doing this! Hope it will be fun for everyone!
@punkintheband amazing reason, very underrepresented group.

(seriously though, I just wanted to cheer everyone on, not to be in the stream)

You are in!

Just kidding :) An awesome response my friend, and thanks for the well wishes for everyone!
i will attempt to put in for the day off - usually they ask for 2 wks notice for days off, but there have been exceptions.... as for why i want to be part of the stream... well I tend to get to miss a whole lot of things because of my shift schedule and it would be nice to hang out with everyone for the reveal stream.
Status =Pending
Unfortunatly we are to short handed for me to take the day off for the stream - I will be unable to attend.
IT WILL be the 1st thing I watch when i get home though!!