If you have this badge:


You will need to sign an NDA and then you will be receiving a steam key soon to get access to the Blood Bath Demo. You will also get access to the Blood Bath secret section of the forums.

We will start to roll out this process shortly. For now, there is nothing for you to do but wait. :)

If you want this badge, we will start to give them away in the LIVE STREAMS this Wednesday. You will need to be a Founder or Supporter of the game to qualify. Don't miss it!
Blood Bath_29.jpeg
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Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack

thanks guys! lost 40 pounds myself last 6 months, 50 more to go!! and thank you very much, i see my badge now. eagerly await the NDA email
I'm on a similar journey as well, I've lost 28 kg the last 11 months.
And, I'm also eagerly awaiting the NDA :D
Awesome, congrats botrh on the weight loss. It is a constant fight for me and I am glad to see someone else successful on this difficult journey! :)
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