Sergei von Gehgorzi

1462, of the Year of Our Lord God, 16th of the Harvest Moon

I agree with Lord Commander Kolvoth. The order needs a tome, a database of our rich information and history. I am thankful he has chosen me for this task. I am also most ungrateful that I now must go through our library's eclectic scrolls, loose books, and writings. I wonder if Annaysia did this to keep me out of trouble. But as Thommas says, "No work in the Ordo is too small or too big."

The Ordo Maleficarum's Blood Administratae

"The Blood We Are. The Blood We Return."
--Motto of The Ordo Maleficarum

The Ordo administratae's blood from The Fallen. Through it, we can live as long as our prey and hunt them into Infinitum. The Fallen's blood also enhances our speed, perception, and strength; what's more the older we become the more powerful we become. You can measure our age and our giftings in terms of centuries, not decades. Such gifts from The Fallen have also led to fear-mongering about us. Lord Commander Kolvoth allows it, saying, "Fear can be as useful as any blade."

Structure of the Ordo

Visus Omnis Ecclesia or The Ecclesia

Venatores Mortem or The Venatorae

  • Grim Scribe - Addition for The Necrolibriatas
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Visus Omnis Ecclesia or The Ecclesia

The Ecclesia use to worship The Dawn Bringer, as many often do, but unsteady times have led the Ecclesia to worship gods that answer our hymns. The Elder Gods bless us with new forms of enlightenment. The Ecclesia jealously guard these secrets. They are even allowed levels of ascension to become more like the gods we serve. Personally, I find the forms they now inhabit frightening and monstrous, but to fight evil...sometimes you have to get your hands dirty....

They spend long hours debating the nature of the gods, the monsters that now roam the world, and how best to combat them.

Venatores Mortem or The Venatorae

The sword arm of the Ordo. We take our orders directly from the Ecclesia.

"We hunt without mercy for the undead will show none.

We investigate without bias for the undead hide among the good.

We cause fear in the righteous and the unjust because monsters only fear monsters.

We kill without mercy, but not without cause."